Barry Goss


I Manage Info-Products and Digital Projects Like Yogi Bear Pilfers Picnic Baskets... With Purpose & Passion!

I Manage Info-Products and Digital Projects Like Yogi Bear Pilfers Picnic Baskets... With Purpose & Passion!

Barry Goss

 I, Barry Goss, also research and write some kick-ass content, sell online and invest in off-the-beaten path opportunities, unique projects and cool people.

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Don’t Leave Crumbs
Bud, Basketball and Brotherhood
Barry Goss

Barry "Bear" Goss

My Short Bio:

I'm an information publisher having orchestrated development for multiple brands that produce leading-edge content mostly in the fields of self-improvement and finance / investing. I'm a prolific reader & writer (maybe even a Hank Moody fanboy). Thought Leader (I hope).  Facetious but often sincerely ambitious... consistently striving to balance courage & confidence with humility & curiosity. 

I lead people, ignite passion, manage ideas, and take action on the opportunities that serve our business and all those involved — partners, affiliates, collaborators, customers; you name it.  More...

“I have been immersed in mindfulness and spiritual study for decades. So, when I see authenticity in action, consistently, I like to appreciate and express my gratitude for the person behind it. Barry is one of the most competitive yet good-hearted people I've known. You'll get clear, straight direction, always with introspective, caring thought. His copy and branding insight helped me immensely in my Yoga practice.

Gabrielle Gerard

Gabrielle Gerard

“I've worked with and watched Barry move and shake online for years - since 2005, to be precise. He's a true visionary with the added (very rare) skill of being a natural project manager. He demands that you step-up your game in ways you may have not considered."

Jason Mangrum

Jason Mangrum
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