The “Pseudo-moralistic Stances” Of Activists

Today is a day where a smattering of pissed off locals thought it to be unnerving, very inhumane, for our city police to be doing their jobs.

Yes, gladly, these “locals” don’t represent consensus-thinking inside our community. Their ideology runs amok with finger-waging cries of blue lives suck and you should quit your job, Trump lover… versus gratitude and expressive gestures of you guys rock and thank you for protecting and serving.

So what were about 30 of our police doing that riled up these local… let’s call them what they are… ‘misplaced young adults’ dressed up in all black outfits?

The police were simply standing at parade rest, around the perimeter of a beautiful city park, as community volunteers and resourceful charities helped relocate about 100 people who were part of it’s newly-turned “Tent City” status.

A status, mind you, that couldn’t (or shouldn’t have to) grow into anything other than temporary.

Many moved there because recent surrounding fires pushed them inward toward city limits versus where they’ve always stayed, on authorized campgrounds and on the greenway. But, again, through the combined efforts of a lot of cash-rich organizations, each homeless person was individually checked over and given a personalized plan of action, including what new location or “center” would take them in.

This little news-casting by me isn’t for a debate about homelessness and/or solving it. It, however, is a very salient tie-in to a 4-minute video clip with my favorite Canadian Dr. Jordan Peterson.

This is about truth bombs that, sadly, are becoming less and less part of innate common-sense and more and more about awakening our younger generations to something you & I (most likely you?) grew up with: A focus on getting our own house in order, first and foremost.

Now, onward to the good Doc…

For more about the plight of the “new breed” Puritans, be sure to read this post, Wokeness Reins, on the M4 blog.

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  • john says:

    Mr. Peterson claims that we should have our house in order before we can have an impact on larger issues in a collective sense. Then how do you explain how our well educated politicians with “their house in order” CONTINUALLY fail to solve problems, even when solutions are often found in other countries around the World?

    • Barry Goss says:

      Oh…well, let’s see. I don’t know John, maybe it’s as simple as this gorgeous idea:

      Instead of trying to find solutions to our lives in “authority” outside ourselves, what if instead we didn’t worry about another far-removed person (especially, of all people, a politician) who may or may not have their shit together — i.e. their head screwed on in ways that allow them to first and foremost keep the focus on self-growth, self-reliance, self-responsible behavior!

      What if, as was Doc Peterson’s point, we quit looking for a “fight,” a distraction, and instead start reorganizing our lives, one person at a time, from the inside-out FIRST?

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