“All hail… President Kang!”

I’ve been fairly… oh how shall I say… obscure and quiet about just where I stand on this whole “election” thing (read: ‘Which Clown Will Save The People The Most’ circus).

I used to be deeply-entrenched in party politics (read: BS), and truly allowed myself to get hoodwinked into the notion that our POTUS’es are elected (by the People), versus appointed (by forces in a big club you and I will never be a part of).

Today, as my wise uncle used to say: “I was once amazed, now I’m just amused.”

But at what?

At how much personal-POWER people are willing to give up to latch onto their SOLO candidate who has been knighted by a color-coded (RED / BLUE) ideological “system” of indoctrination.

The Simpsons, in an often creepy way, have been prescient in societal events and cultural memes that actually turn into the “real times we live in.”

And the 1-minute clip below, while maybe not so uniquely unknown, just reminds me of how ODD our “system” of politics really is.

Jon Rappaport, in this article, makes a great riff on our TWO (only TWO) current candidates running for our [supposed] Highest Office of The Land (hint: It’s reserved for the citizens, not the POTUS). As it relates to the current health fear-demic out there, his post is a valuable read.

And if you’d like to dive into intellectual debates about America’s Not-So-Hidden Duopoly, check out what Shannon Denniston has to share.

Furthermore, if you’re open to considering why it may not even be worth voting in the first place (blasphemy, huh?), see what Bobby Casey (long-time M4 braintrust member) will hammer you with, with flair and an impassioned appeal to take life by the balls, on your own terms.

With that, I scoot your ass over to Homer for a shocking revelation:

P.S. If you subscribe to what is going on in the above clip — namely servitude to a “leader” in a position that doesn’t remotely have any affect on what YOU can accomplish in life — you should listen to what our friend Scotty has to say about getting results… through the self-directed and reliant pursuit of a very timely opportunity.

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