Barry Goss

Change-maker - Truth-seeker - Renegade-Writer - Digital-media Buff - Time-freedom advocate.

Elon Musk’s Best Secrets of Success

Musk’s story is one of hustle and tenacity. There will always be defeats, setbacks, and challenges. The courage you need to overcome them will not manifest itself until your back is against the wall.

10 Years Away

A poignant piece of inspiration from a wise, old philosopher named Matthew McConaughey

The Hustle

The perfect 2-min parody of The Hustle Lifestyle.

“painful, relatable, and funny. Everything you need for a true tragedy.”

I Might Just Be a Libertarian

Over the last two decades, I have mostly voted REPUBLICAN. ‘Cause, sickeningly, the other side has been hijacked by socialists that don’t tolerate facts, individual achievement, or freedom of expression. It’s a nauseous ‘Us vs Them’ 2-party system I have chosen (not been forced) to participate in. Yet, still… I don’t …

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