Barry Goss

Renegade Writer * Digital-Media Buff * Time-Freedom Advocate * Online Project Manager

Passive Profits

This is what is possible when it comes to employing an automated trading bot into your wealth-creation portfolio. Worth the look.


3 Themes About Independence Day They’re Forgetting To Teach

IN-SHADOW – A Modern Odyssey

Dare to embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West, and with courage, face the Shadow.

Your Fight Against The Borg

Or, how the real ‘Infinity War’ is against the very collective systems — including the fake media and Big Tech complex — keeping you small.

How To Tame Your Inner Beast!

In this post, I take a look at Tessa Lena’s peasant philosophy and tie that adopted mindset into how a living a good life requires us fully know and appreciate the “embodiment of the monster” (Carl Jung)

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