Blue pill people, pretty blond outrage, and electric nutrition

This little link roundup is NOT some scaled-down iteration (or even a revival of) my once-worthy-of-your-time Weekend Whats newsletter. That is still in the ‘digital garage’ being overhauled. Stay tuned for that.

Until I am satisfied with a more community-driven platform for me to share my personal wares, I will still occasionally attempt to bedazzle you with some links I have found to be useful in my own life… even if just for laughs and head-shakes only.

On that note, let’s dive in…

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Blue Pill People: A 2-minute blast from the near past, with JP Sears. As I’ve been saying for quite some time, the population is becoming mind-numbed by the minute. More and more folks have lost their ability to “own” their personal power. The want somebody, or some-thing, to SAVE them. It’s the Statist mind in action; a mind that has an unending, all enduring faith and wholehearted support of government and authority, and its practice in our lives. In the words of JP Sears, “Those who choose blue to stay plugged into the matrix love to live in an unawakened state knowing they’re free to do as they’re told.”

Coffee, Tea, or Me?: To continue with the poo-rme-itis eye-openers, let me compel you to read my friend Tim Knight’s post about a select few people who, well… just couldn’t get over the fact that they we NOT picked to play in the playground with the cool kids. This short story reminds me of a dude who once tried suing Hooters Restaurants for not being hired to be a waitress. NOTE: I first introduced you to Tim here.

How Disney Ruined Sex For Everyone: A 10-minute facetious, yet intellectually-probing, dive into the storybook narrative that is littered throughout Shakespearean and medieval texts. “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. There’s this guy. He’s like a prince, or an orphan, or kind of a loser — like an orphan-prince-loser-type guy. And then there’s this girl. And she’s hot. And then usually there’s a bad guy too. And he’s bad.”

The Earthing Movie: Okay, now that I’ve got you riled-up with a lot of “negative” shit (fun isn’t it?), let’s get educated on the power of “electric nutrition.” You won’t believe what they have found in this incredible award-winning documentary. Nichole and I watched it last week. Suffice it to say, we have made a commitment to ensuring that we DO the pimpliest thing DAILY: standing barefoot on the earth. It’s more important then ever now! Watch and learn.

One last item to share before the weekend kicks off:

Inspired by Five For Fighting’s 100 Years music video (embedded below)the venerable (and beautiful) Kate Rose writes:

“We are done fighting for a life that we thought we needed, because now we are ready to sit back and enjoy the life that we are meant to lead. Sometimes we just need to take the long road to get there, yet it doesn’t matter when we arrive, but only that we do. Right now is right on time”

If you enjoyed today’s round-up, feel free to comment below and tell me what’s on your mind.

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