Fake Gurus, Lies & Redemption

From the world-class team at Thrive Themes: A short documentary about the promise of easy money online.

They, like me, have found that it’s almost impossible to not be sucked-into the hustlers “confidence games” as they get their hooks in and exploit people looking to start a business or create new income streams.

This is the true story of how one of their colleagues took a journey into the dark side of the ‘American Greed’ mindset online:

After you watch the above short documentary, something else to know is this:

In the underbelly of the “online biz” space, there’s a paint-by-numbers 4-step method that ALL “fake” internet gurus use to suck you into their info-product kingdom.

It’s a method you, too, can use… ASSUMING you’re into hype, sizzle and lack of substance. Let’s dive in….

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