Ghosts Can’t Do It (Clip)

The character, Katie Scott , read his book.

In an era of perceived bubble-headed beautiness, if you were a woman who looked like that she confessed… (in a roundabout unspoken way, of course)… his assertive negotiating style gave her encouragement.

An inner-fire of empowerment at the table with men amongst men — corporate raiders and a greedy charmer who wants both her money… and her body.

My oh my…

What shall a demure gal so ‘in love’ (and mightily directed by her late husband’s ghost) do?

Um, eh… conjure up a diabolical plot to have a young man drown so that Mr. Scott can take his body?

Ohhhh yeeeeah baaaaaaby…. now we’re on to something titillating.

This plot (lest I even mention the acting in the movie) isn’t any piece de resistance; however, Trump as Trump in this clip gives it a… oh how shall I say… ‘hero with a thousand faces’ kind of Oscar-worthy nomination:

Yes, a real movie in theaters (1990) that people paid cash to see.

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