Lockdown Lunacy

On a recent intentional distraction down ‘lunacy lane’ (In case you’ve missed my past warnings to not get sucked into the madness, that would be flakebook), I noticed this comment to me:

“Only time you’ll see me in a mask is if I’m closer than 6 feet to other people who I don’t know anything about.

“Again, I’m not concerned with me getting this…my thought on it has always been about the well being of others.”

That, on the surface, appears like a reasonable interest; a ‘what’s the big deal’ kind of rationale for wearing a CLOTH mask (what he was referring to).

However, besides that fact that I should have asked him why he would ever get closer than 6 feet from complete strangers, I wondered why he wasn’t more concerned about his own health… than the health of people he doesn’t know.

You see there’s this spiritually-cool thing to pronounce now online: I value compassion! Nothing more, nothing less. Just that.

It’s this grandiose idea of making a claim, in written form, so others know you’re willing to suffer with them, in a caring… oh… how shall I say… not an aggravated sort of way.

Whether it is the thought police encouraging it, or just a bunch of lemming-itis peeps in a cognitive bias trance, the intention for the compassion bandwagon isn’t as important as critically-thinking through the end objective.

For instance, are we to believe the mere act of WRITING compassionately (whether it’s toned-down adjectives, or prose that doesn’t show your objection to those who simply just love suffering and playing the role of Chicken Little)… are we to believe that JUST doing that will somehow positively affects anything?

If so, then we’re also to believe that lip service has merit. In short, there’s a big issue with talking ‘love ‘n light’ with those who feel entitled to “compassion.” It FEELS AMAZING, like a damn good hot oil massage. But, then what…..? More verbal hot oil massages?

So how did I respond to the above comment on my friend’s feed?

Like this:

Just consider, however, that the well-being of others, first and foremost, rests on their own backs — i.e., their level of self-responsibility and reliance. It’s NOT like you’re some extraterrestrial being, with some ungodly disease you’re spreading throughout the land on unsuspecting mortals.

A bit far-fetched, in vision, I know. However, sadly, that is how some of the more ‘do-gooder’ types out there think. In lieu of accepting that an asymptomatic person (you?) can’t spread jack-squat in the first-place, including this so-called “bionic v-irus” (how the media spins it), they’re constantly distracted from feeling compelled to do anything but FOCUS on their own self-interest, inclusive to learning about rational health protocols and understanding what their own body needs to be able to live a long, healthy, thriving life.

As my friend Dr. Terry Tillaart recently put it:

“Do you know what’s selfish? Passing off responsibility for YOUR health to everyone else around you. It doesn’t work that way. YOUR health is YOUR responsibility. MY health is MINE.

“Trust me, you don’t want ME in charge of your health because I’ll swoop in and toss out all your junk food, processed crap, alcohol, & cigs, fill your fridge with fruits and veggies, force you to drink water, take quality supplements, exercise daily, and get plenty of sleep.”


This whole ‘Mask-Up or else’ BS has gotten way out of hand. One doesn’t need to have a Ph.D pedigree to understand the basics:

There’s a reason that my girlfriend, working in the medical field of 20 years in a microbiology laboratory, ONLY wears a N95 mask for testing tuberculosis and a PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) mask/hood for COVID19 testing… in the negative pressure room.

And, the CDC — which really doesn’t know how this thing is different from other Covid strains (SARS), or how the 19 version is really transmitted — is the one controlling the above standards.

Plot summary: CLOTH masks are a literal placebo. If anything, they cause the wearer to feel good that they’re doing something, irrespective of that something being effective.

If you want to dive deeper, beyond that very uncompassionate assessment (a word that the auto-correct grammar feature of my email software doesn’t even like me using), consider checking out what another longtime friend of mine, Tom Beal, shared today:

“Science is on your side. The media is NOT! Here is what true science has to say, and it’s clear the media is making a mouse turd into Mt Everest.”

By the way...

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Stay tuned.

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