Class vs Behavior

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The new great handpicked “leader” of our nation, without hesitancy or procrastination, sat down at the oval office with his cloth face-diaper…

… And hammered out his ideology for “advancing racial equity.”

Which in short (stripping out the waxing poetic abstractness) simply means that he will enact mandates that focus on ‘equality of OUTCOME’, not so much ‘equality of opportunity’.

The former, as your self-responsible mind might suspect, doesn’t so much require anyone to excel beyond the norm; to have an incentive to offer unique skill sets or execute on extra effort, in order to receive a reward.

When a certain sect of society becomes more equal than others, simply based off their race or cultural demographic, then that means we are accepting a portion of Marxism philosophy…

…which has an element of saying that it is okay to label people as oppressors or the oppressed… solely based on class.

Me personally:

Through inaction / action, I’d rather classify people into buckets like this:

* Lazy or hard-working.
* Entitled or prideful & humble.
* Driven by a hand-out or a Hand Up.🖐️
* Etc, etc.

These specifics, based upon behavior, put the onus of achievement, ground level, on the individual, instead of a top-down way of trying to micro-manage outcomes and sameness for all.

Centralized power structures, history has shown time and time again, to crumble from the very idealistic foundations they briefly stood upon.

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