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WHAT TO LOOK FORSide-hustles, online gigs, freelance projects. When you hear people talk about getting their next contract; when you read about those who label themselves a “digital nomad;” or anybody whose cash-flow is based on multiple active-income sources, do you think they’re just a special breed?

Or, have you ever wondered precisely WHERE they go to find these gigs? Or, what YOU need to do to find these freelance, remote-based hustles and even longer-term so-called J-O-B-S? We’ll, if so, you’re in luck…

WHAT TO SAVE: The world by first becoming the best you. In the 46-page graphical-book How To Save The World (download here), David Cain (whom,  by the way is the one who had a conversation with The Man) explains why most of use only live up to fraction of our potential. “What we all want, beneath all of our moment-to-moment desires, is well-being. That is the individual’s goal, always. It is True North on the individual’s compass.

“Your well-being is often in competition with the goals of the other two players: Mother Nature and society.That’s how you know whether you’re acting in your own true interest or in the interest of one of the other parties. Does this really bring me well-being? There’s your compass.Well-being comes when we do what truly resonates with us as individuals. When the painter paints. When the writer writes. When the lover loves. When the friend is being a friend.”

WHAT TO BUILDAn email list. If you like finding stuff and passing it along to others (beyond just friends and family), and if you’re a natural at edifying other people, and the coolness they bring to the world, your best leverage point to SHARE is via an email list.

But, just not any email list as Katie Parrot points out here. “You want to optimize your email list–building efforts around quality subscribers. People who care about the things you care about, and who genuinely want the kind of advice that you have to offer.” Going beyond Katie’s advice, you may also tap into my 15+ year email experience if you feel you have the interests and characteristics I list here.

WHAT TO STREAM: 1,800+ documentaries. Just to fuel my own innate competitive side (plus factious-wit), I’ve always said this will be one of my top 3 choices for my epitaph: I was more curious than you! 😉 Anyway, if you also have an insatiable thirst for knowing — across all spectrum’s of life — then you’ll enjoy this $20/yr on-demand streaming service.

Curiosity Steam, created by the founder of The Discovery Channel, is where you can journey through non-fiction docs and series covering science, technology, history and nature. They even have a gift cards you can email. A great holiday e-stocking stuffer for a distant family member. Get your explore on as you get enlightened and educated.

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