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October 12th 2018:

WHAT TO WIN: Negotiations, sales pitches, arguments, elections (!), ANYTHING. That, according to James Altucher, can all be learned via the infamous rap-battle shown in the 2002 hip-hop / drama film 8 Mile.

Altucher, via a very well-made 9-min video, dissects the cognitive biases and hypnosis techniques Eminem uses to DOMINATE his opponent. In a society where a select percentage applaud the “trophies for everyone” mentality, I say screw that and simply focus on how to elevate your game and use new skills to stand-out and get what you need and want (within reason).

WHAT TO ATTEND: The world premiere of the Melt Up Event on October 24th at 8pm EST. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud — a financial PhD and macro-market forecaster I’ve been studiously following since 2006 — is assembling an all-star team of investors who’ll dissect how he has been able to predict every twist and turn of the bull market for the last 9 years.

The good doc believes that what he’ll share during this event could give you the chance to retire early… multiply your current retirement savings… pay off your mortgage… take that dream vacation… and support your families in ways you never imagined possible. Rest assured, I’ll be attending. I hope you do too…

WHAT TO NOT CARE ABOUT: All the world’s problems. The Greek Stoic philosopher, Epictetus, once wrote: “Control what you can. Cope with what you can’t. Concentrate on what counts.” Do you know people like this? The ones always trying to ‘save all the world’s problems’? Maybe if stoic philosophy is too pragmatic for them, remind them of The Serenity Prayer attributed to American theologian Reinhold Niebuh (1892–1971).

Or, just what Joe Jarvis is saying here: “Orphans, puppy-mills, polluted rivers, abusive priests, tsunamis, endangered animals, illiteracy, tropical diseases, crashing stocks, soaring housing costs, homeless people pooping on sidewalks… Are you stressed yet?All of these are great problems to tackle for the right people. But we don’t all need to occupy ourselves with all these problems.”

WHAT TO STREAM: 1,800+ documentaries. Just to fuel my own innate competitive side (plus factious-wit), I’ve always said this will be one of my top 3 choices for my epitaph: I was more curious than you! 😉 Anyway, if you also have an insatiable thirst for knowing — across all spectrum’s of life — then you’ll enjoy this $20/yr on-demand streaming service.

Curiosity Steam, created by the founder of The Discovery Channel, is where you can journey through non-fiction docs and series covering science, technology, history and nature. They even have a gift cards you can email. A great holiday e-stocking stuffer for a distant family member. Get your explore on as you get enlightened and educated.

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