Crisis Investing – 2020

Docu-Cast series on how to win financially in the current economic storm

First a quick message from Dr. Patrick Gentempo:

Next up, Manny Goldman:

The most urgent thing (other than staying safe from corona) is how to weather this financial and economic storm. Jobs are disappearing, income is diminishing and investments are crashing. 

In short, people are scared — and feel they are going to lose everything. They need to know what to do to not only survive, but know that they can actually prevail financially

They need hope that there is actually a way to navigate this. The need to feel they have some level of control is huge.

Revealed Films has a unique group of experts available to show the way. They have all agreed to come to the table and share what they know — and exactly what to do, (and it’s what they are doing themselves) to actually invest amid this financial crisis. 

These experts are sharing information that you can’t find online. And there’s nowhere else you can get access to them in one place. They are stepping up right now to help our community of viewers in a unique and unprecedented way. 

Join us in assisting your followers in getting the financial advice, strategies and safe harbor they are desperate for.

Pre-launch: March 26, 2020

Launch: April 7, 2020

Replay: April 17, 2020

Offer: Digital access to recordings and bonus material

50% commission.

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