[ Crypto Resource Series ] – The new $3 trillion dollar asset class

To kick-off a prosperous 2022, we at M4Research.com are offering up a Crypto Resource Series. It is our belief that converging economic and social crises have created a “Perfect Storm” that will dramatically accelerate cyptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain adoption through the stratosphere.

This email is part of a series of emails, sent in January 2022, that will share insights, resources and how-tos so you, too, can profit from the most transformative technology mankind has ever seen.

Email #1

Last year, the total market cap of crypto went up from $780 billion to $2.3 billion and hit a peak over $3 trillion, as reported by Ryan Sean Adams of the Bankless DAO.

In short, it’s here to stay.

The overall space has reached an adoption phase where, to use a visual analogy, the toothpaste can’t go back in the tube.

Crypto, overall, is sitting just outside the vessel of it’s birth… still an infant about to grow-up right before your eyes. I’m taking an educated guess that you, like us, don’t want to just sit on the sidelines as it creates new levels of wealth right before your eyes.

In the words of Mark Cuban, “it’s like the early days of the internet when a lot of people thought we were crazy.”

Odd to think “early days” when two days ago, January 3rd, marked the 13th birthday of the Bitcoin network. Thirteen, however, in the grand scheme of our vicious economic cycle of centralized control & malfeasance, is like a tiny acorn seed waiting to fuel the evolution of an Oaktree.

bitcoin alternative system

And the metaphorical oak, in this case, is a “system” where monetary policy is automatic and predictable and the very nature of “money” itself is sound, honest and driven by ‘We The People’ standards.

We’re entering an era of push-back against centralization like we’ve never seen in human history. Individual ownership, which spurs on a more self-responsible and sovereign-minded world, is starting to occur right before our eyes.

Yet, because this is so new, we realize most of our readers simply may be scratching their heads wondering how all this is going to take shape.

We also get that there’s not enough people who are in focused learning mode on this new frontier. It’s why there’s still this limiting belief that cryptocurrency is just about digital currency. But, it’s not!.

Instead, it’s the “everything revolution” with the power to disrupt how we shop, trade, vote, communicate, invest, and even create art.

To borrow a thought from tech-entrepreneur / web3 investor Art Jonak, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or a doubter

You’re not going to look back at this time and tell yourself I wish I learned LESS about web3, crypto, NFTs and DAOs.

And, honestly, learning MORE does take time and effort. Yet, if you’ve been following us for any length of time, you also know we value the heck out of leverage, which often entails curation and consolidation.

Those virtues are precisely why serial entrepreneur Michael Hearne and his team traveled to 3 countries and 4 states to interview 57 industry insiders. Guys and gals on the cutting edge of the crypto revolution… all fighting for a better world.

In a few weeks, their findings will be available for you to watch… for free… in their brand-new docuseries, Uncensored Crypto.

You’ll hear from millionaires, entrepreneurs, regulators, politicians, activists, former Wall Street insiders, and more… all of them sharing their raw, unfiltered, and uncensored views on cryptocurrencies and the future of money.

Should you invest?

Is Bitcoin going to zero?

Will crypto replace the financial system?

How will Washington and Wall Street fight back?

What cryptocurrencies should you consider buying?

All this and more are revealed in this new 9-part docuseries. And it’s our first M4-endorsed resource to kick off this member-only email series.

Through Michael’s forthcoming docuseries, I know (no question whatsoever) you’ll get most of what you need to learn how cryptocurrency and the blockchain are disrupting centuries-old industries, and creating tremendous opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to grow their wealth by doing good.

So, my first ACTION ITEM for you is to…

Secure your virtual ticket to the Uncensored Crypto world premiere, which kicks-off on January 18th, 2022.

By the way, the day after you reserve your seat, you’ll get an email from Michael. In it, he will show you how to participate in a contest to win $5,000 in Bitcoin.

You don’t wanna miss this!

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