[ Crypto Resource Series ] – The “picks & shovels” approach to investing in the crypto economy

To kick-off a prosperous 2022, we at M4Research.com are offering up a Crypto Resource Series. It is our belief that converging economic and social crises have created a “Perfect Storm” that will dramatically accelerate cyptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain adoption through the stratosphere.

This email is part of a series of emails, sent in January / February 2022, that will share insights, resources and how-tos so you, too, can profit from the most transformative technology mankind has ever seen.

Email #8

During the mid 1800’s, there was a surge of fortune seekers making their way to “the hills” — as in “There’s gold in them thar hills?” (phrase from Mark Twain’s 1892 novel The American Claimant).

At the same time, a select few who understood the depth of sacrifice to get thar, and once there… to dig it out and claim it… simply focused on something else:

Selling shovels, picks, clothing, boots, pans, etc.

It was the secret to getting rich, in the gold rush era, without… well… worrying about finding the gold nuggets and timing price.

It is said that the first guy in San Francisco to announce that gold had been discovered… did not do so until he had bought every pick and shovel in the area.

Fast forward 170 something years

And the “digital gold” version of that guy is someone (maybe you?) who desires to participate in the rise of crypto markets without the challenges of directly holding and having to choose cryptocurrencies.

Of course, as I mentioned in Email #7 of this series, there are core platforms that make it easy to buy coins / tokens and HODL you’re little butt off; however, what if you also want equity-based exposure to the burgeoning crypto ecosphere?

Well, look no further than the Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF (BITQ).

Designed and managed by Bitwise Investments — one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto asset managers, which includes the world’s largest crypto index fund — with BITQ…

Through one easy-to-buy and liquid ETF, you can have the equivalent of a crypto “picks & shovels” storefront, where you own a basket of goods which serve the web3 / blockchain / crypto space.

At least 85% of the Index is focused on pure-play crypto companies, including bitcoin- and crypto-trading venues, crypto mining and mining equipment firms, and service providers. Examples include Coinbase (COIN), Silvergate Capital (SI) and MicroStrategy (MSTR).

Up to 15% of the Index is focused on supporting companies: innovative large-cap firms with diversified business interests that include at least one significant business line focused on the crypto economy. Examples include PayPal (PYPL), Nvidia (NVDA) and Square (SQ).

Certainly, you could just invest in these companies directly. Or, if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have the time or inclination to pick ‘n choose which fintech companies will thrive over time, then this ETF is for you.

Bitwise Investments has a lot going for it, including experience and institutional capital causing it to be the crypto industry’s largest index fund manager.

Side note: They also have another publicly-traded fund which can give you a one-stop solution for gaining exposure to approximately 70% of the crypto market; the top 10 coins, by market cap, under one ETF: their Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund (BITW).

Disclosure: I am not personally, or professionally, associated with Bitwise in any capacity. And I do not currently hold shares in any of their ETFs mentioned above.

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