Digital Assets: 2 Rogue Methods That Will Leverage Cashflow.

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In today’s Bear’s Bulletin (BB), I am going to give you two key crypto resource I use weekly.

You can liken these to renegade digital-wealth methods.

These are the cutting-edge, next-level activities that will allow you to transact in and out of digital assets with ease, while you supercharge the use of those online 1’s and O’s.

I won’t get into any commentary today about how, essentially, that is what you have to accept — i.e., an aspect of wealth in the form of intangible money floating around the ethers — if you’re going to gel with today’s technology-driven world.

Sure, I can talk all day about the virtues of physical assets held; of any and all things that have a much longer history of holding value (sans the movement of price).

However, that isn’t what today’s resource recommendation is about.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Three Contractors email, I’m determined to keep you informed about how to effectively join-in on the game the financial sociopath’s are playing.

That’s right, while you morally shun what they do to muck-up their own world, at the top, you can simultaneously sneak in the backdoor of their lair and use these two platforms to boost your digital-wealth, from the bottom up, in ways that would never be possible via traditional, mainstream methods.

digital assets

Digital Assets Method #1
Crypto-Credit to Cash Flow

Collateralized borrowing (i.e., taking a loan against your investable assets) has typically been reserved for investors with big bucks. However, more and more platforms are focusing on the little guy and gal who simply want to draw from their total portfolio value, without having to sell an asset.

Traditionally you’d go into your broker account, decide which equity you’d like to sell, then move those available funds into your ‘cash’ account. However, that triggers a taxable event and, of course, completely prevents you from profiting from any further price appreciation potential.

What if, instead, you could within minutes withdrawal from your crypto assets [Note: you can do that with equities via M1 Finance] — no credit check, no paperwork, no hassles, no denials — and pay off high-interest debt, buy a car, or invest in a business or even more crypto?

With Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ you can borrow at a minimum 6.9% APR (max at 11.9% APR) and you’ll only pay that interest for the period you borrow. There are no minimum repayments nor set installments.

There’s much more to say about Nexo, such as it’s interest-bearing accounts (up to 12% APR paid out daily) on a growing selection of 23 digital assets, including BTC, ETH, NEXO, stablecoins, and more.

They also have a nifty built-in wallet-to-wallet exchange. This means, under the convenience of one platform (Nexo), you can buy, sell and swap instantly between 100+ market pairs.

Many people call Nexo “the Apple of Crypto Services.”

Over the past 18 months, which is how long I’ve been using them, I’ve seen them grow tremendously. I have no hesitation whatsoever endorsing Nexo.

I’ll be reserving my personal show ‘n tell screencasts (coming soon) for M4 Insider members. However, via this email, you have the links above to dive into their platform and learn all you can.

There’s truly nothing stopping you from taking the reins on the power of your digital assets.

HODL’ing is a very inert approach. It’s a level 1 (basic) method to, well, doing nothing but sitting on your crypto.

If you want to play in the big leagues, by mimicking a hedge-fund like collateralized-loan approach to investing, then all it takes with Nexo is $100 and some time to learn about their platform offerings.

In regards to the cashflow, leveraged, part of this method

Via M4 Insider, Brad & I reserve the deeper details about where, specifically, you can take your crypto loans and put them to good use.

However, even if you’re not part of our M4 community, I have confidence that you probably already have an investment vehicle or two that spits out 10x+ more than what you’ll be borrowing from yourself, from your crypto collateral, to put into it.

digital assets

Digital Assets Method #2
Trade In and Out of Crypto Tokens

The first thing I need to get out of the way, when it comes to first-impressions of this method, is this:

You don’t need to anoint yourself as a “Trader” beforehand.

In other words, you can join the community linked below, without immersing yourself in it’s cutting-edge charting and alerting system, and still feel at home.

I’ve know about Tim Knight and Slope of Hope, since 2010. It wasn’t until 2019 that I became a full-fledged Platinum member.

For me, the small monthly fee to access Tim’s Tools is well worth the benefits of having a supportive group of market enthusiasts who take trades based off of a technical chart that is so, so easy to use and monitor.

There are many useful links on Tim’s site.

For starters, scrolling through the latest daily posts is worth your time. (note: He also has Premium posts you won’t see until you become a paid member).

However, for this public method I’m only covering on the surface here, let’s have you focus on Tim’s CryptoStream Quotes and Portfolio tools.

This is where you’ll find real-time streaming quotes on all the important cryptocurrencies. And, if you want to create your own alerts (delivered by email, SMS, or even the Telegram app), you can do that right on any particular $crypto asset from the CryptoStream, or via your own tracked Portfolio.

Let me hand this over to Tim for a marquee video overview of this one area of his tool-rich site: [Clickl below to watch]

I’ll have more to say and share about Tim Knight (whom I consider a friend now) and Slope of Hope with M4 Insider members.

For now, as a reader of my public blog and/or Bear’s Bulletin subscriber, I highly recommend you sign-up here, as you’ll have a go-to place to garner trading ideas for crypto, options, equity and futures.

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