Freedom isn’t Free: A Cautionary Tale!

freedom isnt free

There’s a .90 second video making the rounds all over social media.

And, in this case, it’s one I fully support and desire to edify and pass along to my froclisome fans, like yourself.


Because the super-slick edited video below gives even greater impact to the words that Joe Rogan speaketh. They completely squash the sentiment that our 46th President, Biden, has given: This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

What, however, is correct on the “is not” front is that the message in the video embedded below is not, ultimately, about gratitude, patriotic rhetoric, rah-rah inspiration for anything tied to USA fervor only!

While it is… in the sense that we have something no other country does…

The message, at it’s most primal level, is that once we collectively start forgetting what happens when we willingly give up (i.e., not defend) the smallest of freedoms, then the rest — the bigger problems, the worst of possibilites — comes easy.

And that isn’t a tradeoff, a proposition, you want to engage in.

As the Navy SEALs are often fond of saying:

The only easy day was yesterday”

freedom isn't free

With a little Ben Franklin spinkled in, and with what I personally know having been around the SEAL teams (story here), that essentially means this tied to fighting for personal freedoms:

If you’re willing to relegate yourself to a bit of temporary “safety” (just ask the Aussies right now), then tomorrow’s fight for your liberties is going to be tougher than today and yesterdays.

A world fueled through constitutional principles, and the greatest vision of human freedom in history, requires all of us to keep preaching the same message, no matter how challening or ambitious than the prior days work to do it.

Over to Joe’s preface to the video below:

Freedom Isn’t Free

“It’s the most important thing we have. It’s what makes this place special. It’s rare, and it’s fragile. Protect it at all costs.”

“When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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