How not to kill someone’s grandma

dont kill me grandma

Yesterday, longtime friend and online adventurer Leslie Fieger posted the anti-doomsayer chart below.

[Sidenote: If you have access to M4 Insider, you can tap into Leslie’s 6-part audio series, Total Wealth Mastery here...]

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The above graph reminds me of a question I got yesterday from an inquiring gal at the grocery store:

HER: Does anyone ever say anything to you about not having a mask on?

ME: Occasionally.

HER: [with her mask below her nose and barely over her mouth] Well, I wish I knew how to respond to the mask patrol. ‘Cause, this shit is getting out of hand.

ME: Yup, it is. So if you also agree that this is all BS, why put on a mask and wear it in a half-assed way in the first place?

HER: [Slight grin] Well, I suppose it’s because I don’t want to make scared little grandmas uncomfortable.

ME: Eh, 6 words (maybe it’s 7 if you count the ‘a’): I’m unable to safely wear a mask! Nothing more, nothing less. Keep walking past the mask patrol as you speak it.

HER: Actually that is true for me. As my PTSD stuff kicks in when my face is covered.

ME: Me too. Experience in the military I had, during a fire outbreak in one of the ship’s corridors, doesn’t help matters if I was to put on a cloth muzzle.

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She gave me an air fist-bump and trotted away loosely putting her mask up over her mouth… 100%, for no other reason than to appease the sheeple around her.

At the end of each day, for me, it all goes back to an Ayn Rand-esque view of the world that allows me to not succumb to herd-panic, or try and live my life to not stand out (or up) for my own self-interests (as Jared Maidenberg voices here, a dangerous mental place to be).

The whole mask vs mask debate isn’t even a debate worth having at this point, as it’s nothing but a proxy apparatus for the extreme polarizing two-party system in this country.

Truly, identity politics is sickening! And it is is designed to control the Herd so they latch onto an almost 100% (black or white) self-distracted approach to life, even if it doesn’t make sense as Tulsi Gabbard points out here.

The one-two hypnotized-mind of the Herd:

1Somebody, in the form of a proper politician, is coming to save me.

2) The government knows best, is well-meaning and will tell me what to do.

Both beliefs are about loathing self-responsibility!

Those two mindsets, of course, are the the hurdles to overcome in order to live a powerful and prosperous self-fulfilled life.

And in regards to those who justify wearing a very pointless cloth mask, by thinking they’re doing their part to not kill YOUR GRANDMOTHER, one of the followers of my friend, Rita Hartmann, couldn’t have said it any better than this:

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Geoff Huges writes…

“STOP DRIVING CARS THEN… I am ashamed of you for putting others at risk! There are 7500 people daily killed by the inconvenience of others driving these kill-vehicles, most of which weren’t expecting someone else’s neglect causing the accident.

“It is not difficult to start critically thinking and looking at how many other things we could or should do to be saving lives. But all of a sudden the media blankets a message and people just go with the narrative?

“This isn’t about saving lives, because if it was then we would ban fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, cars, pharmaceuticals; all of these things kill more people then a virus that has a survival rate of 99.7%.

If you want to live a sheltered life, by wearing masks and social distancing, then go ahead. But stop pushing your ideology on others unless you are prepared to stop everything else that may harm others.”

Bottom-line: People’s behavior, centered around the media-fed “bionic” and “super smart” v-irus, is getting into full-retard mode.

You can move your mind over to a more reality-based view of the world, for starters, by dedicating a bit of time via these two YouTube playlists: Culture Craziness and Social Stupidity… and…. COV-19: The Greatest X-File.

They’re loosely curated, by Yours truly. But, I promise, what is currently there will re-calibrate you from the the madness of The Borg – i.e., the spoon-fed media, university, big corporate and university complex that will, no doubt, drive you deeper into The Matrix… if you allow it to.

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