How To Make Your Life “Presidential”

The following is some introspection and guidance for unwinding from the chaos and calamity you have been feeling swirling around ‘out there.’

Ya know…. that BS and limiting crap, from the outside-in, you may have inadvertently let Into your energy field, via the Electronic Income Reducer (i.e., mainstream media, including flake-book).

It’s from my longtime friend Jared Maidenberg, who I also gave tribute to in my post, How Not To Kill Someone’s Grandma.

Via Jared’s riff below, his hope is that you have not let The Establishment suck you into the madness of Divide ‘n Conquer politics — the most effective way to control a nation; to allow the masses the illusion of choice within the limited scope of the two-party system.

Let’s get into it…

Tomorrow [November 3rd 2020] is the USA 🇺🇸 Presidential Election!

Many people in America have a ton of anxiety today about tomorrow and the future. I get it…makes sense.

Here’s an early prediction and a few suggestions to ease the fear and anxiety:

1) Somebody (Biden or Trump ) is going to be elected President tomorrow.

2) It really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference who’s in the White House in Washington, DC. Neither is going to change your life for the better.

3) To ease the stress and anxiety stop 🛑 watching MSM (mainstream media) which is full of agenda driven propaganda. It’s contributing to the anxiety you’re feeling and has you so attached to an outcome, tomorrow, and the “United States” 🇺🇸 and it’s people will, still, be more divided than ever.

If you’re so attached to a person and outcome, you’re really missing the Big Picture.

4) To understand all this and what’s really going on… pick up a copy of this new book 📖 : The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire. Read it, absorb and share it.

5) The economy, stock market, etc will have downs and ups just as it always have. As Jim Rohn would say, “The Same Winds blow upon us all, it’s not the blowing of the winds , it’s the setting of the sails.” Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have a big future ahead, me thinks.

6) Stop 🛑 putting your own / family’s finances and economics in the hands of others (Politicians, Boss, The Company, etc) and giving away your power. Find a way to take control of your own economy; take control of your financial future and create your own Freedom for you and your family (I can help with that btw. It’s what I do. Contact me on Messenger here...)

7) Be “Presidential” in your own life. Stop 🛑 giving away your power. What if we put as much passion, energy and time into improving our own lives as we did the last 10 months arguing about politics (Red vs Blue , Democrat Vs Republican, blah blah blah 😑) or cheering on our fave sports team (although sports pretty much suck these days in ‘Rona/Plandemic. times)

8) Let’s be honest… neither of these guys is someone you can be super proud of, someone you absolutely love or can call a true American hero, gentleman or scholar (last one was Ronald Reagan).

How about WE become the hero of our own lives and be the person our kids and dogs think we are. Someone we can be proud of and others too.

9) Gotta Plan B? Find a way to make money from home (or wherever you happen to be), even better on the internet with reliable income generated from your laptop 💻 or phone 📱to increase your cashflow and even better if there’s a residual income component too.

In today’s world, market and economy it just makes sense to have a Plan B, an extra source of income, a “side gig.” In fact, you’d have to be brain 🧠 dead not to these days, it’s a no brainer and I can help with this btw, it’s what I do. Contact me on Messenger here...

10) Stop complaining, bickering and arguing about politics and the candidates and parties, arguing with each other and about the situation. Do something about it, take Action!

Read the points above and do something positive. Shut off the 📺 and stop consuming so much media, social media and use that same time and energy to make you and your family’s life better.

It all comes down to Action and responsibility… taking personal responsibility for our lives 🆚 putting our future and fate into someone else’s hands. Most won’t do this but will sure spend a ton of time on social media and out and about complaining about it.

And if you don’t like the current or upcoming state of affairs in the USA 🇺🇸 you can always get out, move to another country, live the expat lifestyle in a place you feel might be a better fit for you and your family.

Go where you’re treated best is my motto.

We did it and can show you how and why. You’re not a tree 🌳… you can move.

I can hear the excuses coming already, “Yes Jared that’s great for you and your family But… (you don’t understand my situation, I don’t have the time, the money, the resources, etc……”.

Stop 🛑 it and re-read the 10 points above and get moving my friend.

I’m here if you’d like to chat. Just know I have no time for whiners, complainers and non action takers.

And pick up a copy of Jeff Berwick’s new book if you wanna really understand what’s unfolding in America, who is actually behind this whole mess and dismantling your rights, Liberty and equality; why they’re doing it and what happens next.

I just gave you a few points to consider and action items to take control of your life and create your own economy and Freedom no matter what happens “out there”, in tomorrow’s 2020 United States of America Presidential Election 🗳 or anywhere else in the world 🌍

Oh and a reminder:

Love 💜 > fear

Light > darkness

Good > evil

Cheers my friends to life, liberty 🗽 and the pursuit.

– Jared

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