How To ‘Play Ostrich’ and Ignore Shocking Information!

[Note From Me, Barry]: The denial-[nile], as you’ve heard, isn’t just a river in Egypt. Yet, it still runs wild throughout the hearts & minds of those indoctrinated to “stick to” whatever T.V. tells it. To paraphrase the great  humor columnist Dave Barry, the country yearns to be told WHAT to feel and HOW to think… by an authority outside itself.

You may know someone who is so unmindful of ‘hidden agendas’ — i.e., powerful undercurrents that can effectively cause you to perceive thru a narrow lens — that they fail to see what might be really occurring just outside their own little comfortable box.

What you read below you may easily dismiss coming from a “conspiratorial blowhard;” however, the mind will never go beyond its addiction for fear & drama, for shunning self-responsibility, if it’s not open.

There is a link to a raw, hardcore exposé of verifiable health information below the 18 observations. If you’d like to consider why the so-called “coronaivirus” may be history repeating itself, I highly encourage you to give it an uninterrupted viewing.

by Terry Tillaart, PhD (Natural Medicine)

Can You Spot Yourself In This Picture!?

denial head in sand coronavirus

Here Are Some Clues To Help Identify Who’s Who In This Picture….

1) You go out of your way to ignore Webinars from health professionals you follow that are trying to tell you the TRUTH but never miss a beat on channel 6 news garbage.

2) You ignore the Italian health minister when he says there are only 2 deaths and even those are not tied to any virus but rather choose to parrot the DRAMATIC number the non-journalist teleprompter reading newscasters say.

3) You ignore the fact this was talked about in multiple books several decades before it happened that coincidentally nailed the dates, the name and all.

4) You ignore the fact there are Vaccine patents in place multiple years before the “event” happens.

5) You ignore the fact the Politicians are all caught insider trading as if they had knowledge “nature” was creating a “virus” just for them.

6) There are DVD movies (remember those?) called Coronavirus staged in china with Asian people wearing masks on the cover.

7) Netflix has a full feature movie called “Pandemic” just in time for release when the idiot box TV tells you one is going on outside.(and other similar titles out at the same time).

8) You ignore the fact that COINCIDENTALLY (wink wink) the Politicians ran a drill for this very event in October oh my what chance! (They did the same on 9/11, 7/7, Sandy hook, boston marathon and MANY MANY MANY others….) What Coincidence the Coincidence theorists say….

9) ALL of the CEO’s of every major Corporation left their position despite an unprecedented 10 year boom in the stock market and they all did it at the same time…’s almost as if they knew this was going to happen.

10) You IGNORE the fact that every time you leave the house everyone and everything is just fine but still choose to believe the TV bullshit.

11) Italian Health Minister says everyone that is dying is between 80-89 yrs of age and were ALL SICK people already AND they can’t prove ANY deaths had anything to do with the chameleon virus that changes names every week with absolutely ZERO unique symptoms of it’s own AND EVERY YEAR 1700+ people die everyday in Italy so right now FACTUALLY the death rates are WAY DOWN and you still stick to your addiction to the drama absent of ANY evidence.

12) You REPEAT every single thing the TV says like a Manchurian Candidate like “social distancing” a phrase you’ve never used your entire life.

13) Because you are addicted to the drama you ignore every Dr that tells you THERE IS NO VIRUS, THERE ARE NO VIRUSES!!! Rather than get curious you have to stick to the drama you are addicted to.

14) You are told repeatedly that the only people dying are people who ABUSE THEMSELVES LIKE IT’S A PROFESSIONAL SPORT and THEY are the ONLY people that can help their immune systems and bad health is NOT something they can “catch” but you do the sheople thing anyway.

15) The TV says treat friends and family like they are poison and you do it anyway despite the fact things may never be the same with them again. Treat an awake person like they are poison while they try to wake your stupid ass up and see how much they want to do with you afterwards.

16) Ignore the fact the govt is CLEARLY trying to get people used to Martial law, a new currency, agenda 21, ID2020, Destroying the Economy, Agenda 2030, Global Govt, 5G, implanted microchips, new Vaccines, Forced Vaccines…..and they even got the Sheople to BEG for it despite the fact ANYONE paying attention can see nothing is wrong and nobody is sick.

17) Ignore the fact we’ve seen this EXACT scam DOZENS of times.

18) Ignore the fact the Govt should NEVER get to decide what businesses open and who gets to choose to frequent them (or anything else for that matter).

This list could go on forever and ever and ever…Idiocracy was not a movie made about the year 2500 it was made to show you the reality you currently live in and you were supposed to see yourself in the movie if you are playing Ostrich.

Watch the Return To Sanity webinar recording.

Password: smartppl

If the info within the above-linked webinar is too much for you to accept and swallow (kind of like a dose of bad medicine), then at least revert to the possibility of how “energy fields” affect the cellular structure of your body:

My friend Roger Haeske says that Dr. Cowen above “has some interesting points. But there’s a lot he does not understand about what is going on and what happened in the past.

“He’s taking medical statistics as true when they are very far from truthful.

Read here [I wrote this in 2009] about what was really the major cause of sickness with the Spanish Flu.

“He also doesn’t get that the Medical Mafia intentionally creates these scares.”

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