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Operating a solo or small digital-publishing endeavor?

Are you trying to do too much on your own? Do you sometimes wonder about X system, Y tool, or Z platform? (yes, the shiny objects available to you are everywhere).

When you’re the front-person — the creator, the visionary, the content producer, the coach, the teacher, etc, etc — how do you manage the back-end processes too?

Or, better asked, Should you?

Being the expert requires one set of focused skills (i.e., delivering your your information and knowledge to customers); managing the puzzle pieces for a streamlined automated & consolidated e-business requires another set (a Task Master and Implementation Manager).

I talk about that briefly in this quick rant (NOTE: Fair warning: if you already feel my point, skip watching this, as I get a bit “heated” in this):

LEVERAGE is an amazing concept. We can employ it through FINANCIAL capital or HUMAN capital.

It’s the latter that I’m offering to a few select new clients who want to piggyback off my experience, know-how and contacts over the past 15+ years building and managing multiple digital products and information-publishing projects.

This isn’t a one-sized-fit-all offering that I’m going to flesh out here, in a long-format written sales letter.

Rather… I’m only offering-up the highlights (starting with my you can do anything, just not everything philosophy as highlighted in the above screeencast video) and giving you a chance to convince me you also understand it.

If you do and you need some guidance… some resources, some direction around any of the following parts of your online pursuits, simply Message Me and let me know the broad scope of what you’re after, and I’ll send you back a personal reply within 48 hours.

  • Digital publishing: Best practices to platforms / process and everything in between.
  • Content-creation and management: Content marketing, copy-writing, strategy, and education.
  • Sales Funnels: Design, structure, implementation
  • Customer Journeys: Nurturing / retention practices
  • Joint-ventures: Affiliate program set-up and launches
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