Where To Find Opportunity In The Gig Economy

When you  hear people talk about getting their next contract; when you read about those who label themselves a “digital nomad;” or anybody whose cash-flow is based on multiple active-income sources, do you think they’re just a special breed?

Or, have you ever wondered precisely WHERE they go to find these gigs?

Or, what YOU need to do to find these freelance, remote-based side-hustles and even longer-term so-called J-O-B-S?

We’ll, if so, you’re in luck, as many of the sites, and what I call ‘connector marketplaces,” are listed below.

While I’m not depreciating or minimizing the value in going to (and checking out from) a “traditional” J-O-B everyday, just know that I hyphenated the word because we are in the midst of a new era of work; or tasks and projects that allow people to trade their time for money while they are the most productive and valuable.

As I wrote in How to Become “Recession-Proof!”:

No longer is it simply about “here’s my credentials, hire me!” It’s about, “Here’s a project, or idea, that I worked on with passion and creativity. If you want some of this valuable goodness, here’s what I propose!”

Life truly is becoming more and more a series of PROJECTS, and less about a tie-in or walk up the ladder to ONE company or “career.” 

I’m a big proponent of employing your strengths and passions into projects, gigs and opportunities that spit back a High-ROT (return of time) for yourself (we talk about that in more depth here…).

Then, once you’ve  mastered the MAKE side of the money-equation, you can start employing discretionary capital into the MULTIPLY side (quick 5-minute presentation), with a minor focus on more speculative / higher-return investments. 

Okay, now that you’ve read my setting-the-foundation preface above… let’s get into the places you can go online to find side-hustles, remote jobs, contract gigs, work-at-home opportunities, and alternative ways to trade your time for money.

NOTE: The listing at the top — those with descriptions — are my favorite. And those blurbs are written by Carson Kohler, who is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. 

Onward and upward you go. And, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

“This site might not share as many jobs as others, but it hosts some of the more quirky opportunities.

“Take, for example, a company called Eating Europe, seeking a content marketing manager. Or there’s the iPhone Photography School; it was needing a customer service agent.

“Searching is simple. On the homepage, scroll through to find the appropriate job category, and click to see all listings.”

“If you’re looking to work in the startup world, this site can be a great place to start your remote journey. It features nearly 25,000 startups with open positions.

“Sign up, and create a profile by uploading your resume or manually filling in your job experience. Then start browsing open positions.

“Job categories include developer, designer, marketing and sales. The site has featured jobs from companies including Everlane, SeatGeek and Stripe.

“If you click the star next to a job and the company stars your profile, you’ll connect via email, where you can send a more tailored and personalized cover letter and resume.”

The Penny Hoarder Work-From-Home Job Portal

“If you’re looking for a trusted work-from-home job search site, this is your best bet. Why? Because The Penny Hoarder’s editorial staff hand-picks and screens all the opportunities listed, and, well, we’ve got strict guidelines in place.

“Pop into the job board — no account creation required — and search by keyword or job title and location. (Some work-from-home jobs have location requirements, so you can weed those out if needed.)

“Each listing includes details about the hiring company, the job requirements, the qualifications, the benefits and the pay — as long as the information is available.

“Job listings are added to the portal daily, so you’ll always find new opportunities.”

“This site focuses exclusively on remote job listings, so simply select your desired category of profession (education, engineering or human resources, among others). Clicking on “Apply for Job” will take you directly to the company’s site.

“After your initial search, stay on top of new job listings by signing up for a weekly or monthly email update.”

“Tired of those too-good-to-be-true postings that really are too good to be true?

“FlexJobs screens each posting — more than 30,000 of them — to be sure each company is reputable.

“Choose to search for jobs by location. There, select the “Can be Done From Anywhere” option, and scan the endless listings.

“Fluent in another language? Check out the number of telephone interpreter postings. Interested in words? Browse all the SEO and news writing jobs.

“But here’s the catch: To get the full details of a job listing, apply or access other perks (like the skills test), you must sign up for a $14.95-per-month membership.

“This is the only site on our list that’ll cost you, but the quality of its listings might be worth the price tag. Take a look to see whether you find enough openings relevant to your experience before signing up, and once you find the right gig, be sure to cancel your membership!”

Other Sites I Like and Also Worth Your Attention:

Also check out The Fizzle Show #308. You’ll learn how to find a gig the suits your needs or skills while you keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive.

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