The Two Paths To Unlimited Earnings Potential

unlimited earning potential

Inside my greeting on yesterday’s Money Monday email, I passed on some wise advice from one of my first mentors.

24 years ago, Richard Eckhart hammered this home daily for me:

Sell stuff… or trade things. Anything else is just for chumps!

That’s the paraphrased version of a deeper and, yes, more heartfelt admonishment he had for this 25-year old at the time.

He didn’t want me to rely solely on what I only knew 6 years prior: which was to give my best for 8 to 10 hours to my employer, then shut it all off, go home, relax, eat, watch T.V., wake-up, rinse and repeat the next day.

Trust me, his idea at the time was novel for… and… frightening for me. There was no damn way I wanted to go beyond the routine of a J-O-B.

I was striving for the Golden Years payoff baaaaaby!

You can read more about Richard and his quest to “Jedi-knight me,” into the world of business & money, via my full-blown report Maverick Money: Lessons From The Trenches of Speculation [M4 Insider subscription required].

Today, though, I simply want to cover a few things around selling & trading.

If my memory serves me, I think I first heard this from sales trainer Tom Hopkins:

[The profession of] “Sales is the lowest paid easy work and highest paid hard work.”

The rub there is that if it’s not enjoyable to you, it won’t be easy. And in this digital age of automation and e-leverage, it is very doable to turn “hard” into easy.

Historically, selling for most people is about as fun as being barefoot in a room full of Legos. However, many have forged through their anxiety & resistance in order to get the payoff:

Unlimited income potential.

Over the years, I’ve sold a lot of stuff.

From things in-person (i.e., timeshare condos at the beach, biweekly mortgages, bathroom & tub remodeling, plus more)… to things over the phone (vacation packages, satellite dishes to companies with remote employees in the field, steel buildings)… to things online (information around self-improvement, lifestyle design and finances).

At the end of the day, each and every encounter, with either a prospect or customer, has added valuable qualities to my character; as without doing the right thing for others — i.e., meeting their expectations, going the extra mile, resolving issues with integrity and legit interest in their own results, etc. — you’re just spinning your wheels.

Building your people skills is one of the biggest payoffs to selling things interactively. Building systems that leverage your time is the biggest payoff to selling things online (non-interactively).

Sometimes the two approaches are inclusive. Often they’re not.

Either way, do you have something you can sell online that has a high margin? Something of high-quality that doesn’t require a lot of your time to deliver and support?

Or, have you found ways to generate more revenue from what you’re already selling?

What are you selling? What would you like my help with on this subject?

I’m here. I don’t bite. I enjoy all replies. Let me know.

When Richard was talking to me about trading something, he wasn’t necessarily telling me to go find physical “stuff at a low price and then go to a flea market, or similar market, and resell it for a higher price (even though that is technically a viable way to be long cash).

But, instead, he was encouraging me to trade financial instruments online.

Are you doing that? If not, why not?

There’s nothing between you & the market — no pitches, no product, no need to fulfill on something. It’s just the competition between you and the gyrations of price action on a screen.

Many people think it requires specialized skills, a big starting bank roll, or that they need to be glued to their screen during market hours. All that is nonsense, quite frankly.

I’ve been privy to many ways to skin the same cat, so to speak. And what approach you take all depends on what you need to achieve; on what is good for your current lifestyle.

We already have resources to help you trade.

If you’d like to do that with equity options, see the Sept / Oct 2019 M4 Insider member bulletin here. If you want to do that with stocks, see Brad’s review of the swing-trading masterclass here. If you want to do that with currencies, check out our go-to endorsed Forex community here.

Or, if you simply want my personal guidance with any of this, as it ties into your current situation, message me.

Give me a bit of background on yourself. What you feel is holding you back? How do you feel you can leverage your ambitions & goals with my experience, contracts and resources, if you could get me on the phone for a bit of consulting?

It’s not something I do often (and usually only reserve for M4 Insider Platinum members).

Yet, you’re reading my personal blog. So, if there’s a good fit, I’ll send you over a pricing proposal for us to connect and work together.

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