Your Fight Against The Borg

Or, The Real ‘Infinity War’


He asked me: “Can you believe some of the perverted societal sh*t happening right now?”

Yes, yes I can. Just know that a large percentage of what you see through the ‘social media’ window, or hear via the talking puppets on mainstream ‘T.V.’ news… it often represents collective illness more than a healthy & rational level of anything that will ‘stick’ over a longer period. Common sense and reason always wins out over sociopathy and unchecked control.

We were sitting by a river flowing through an amazing winery, waiting for a friend of ours to purchase a case of his favorite Rogue Valley Pinot Noir.

“I see lemming-like signaling around racial injustice, inequality — no matter how out of of bounds that term gets. The erasing of “bad” historical figures… hell including authors who have inspired millions… Dr. Suess… ever read his final book, ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’?”

[Smiling] – I actually did. I always remember it as Geisel’s homage to self-regulated coming-of-age desires and choices. [this is a great example from his book: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”]

“Yet there’s a whole new class of thinking that revolves around permission, Nanny State-itis, following the herd… no matter how absurd. Regurgitating propaganda and rhetoric to, I suppose, feel included… to be empowered.”

Guess then these lazy-ass thinkers, even the ones who need a mental discourse on living, haven’t ever read Mises or Hayak? You know… just a few great socioeconomic historians who have shown how, time and time again, people become more empowered when they’re free to fail, free to create outside the status quo, free to have individual expression and are rewarded to NOT live within the constraints of a fear-ridden bubble.

One of my travel companions this past weekend went on to express his “shock” about how large The Borg has grown — his analogy for the spoon-fed media, university, big corporate / tech and university complex.

Without questionThe Borg is an extension of radicals and zealots so narrow-minded and out-of-touch with homespun / raw living that they project onto others what they sorely lack.

They are the type of distorted mind, for example, that actually sees the non-vaccinated — i.e., those taking a firm stand on not insta-resorting to injecting an experimental rushed-to-market biological agent in their body — as their sworn enemy. All while they are the equivalent of a walking petri-dish.

These type of people, who my friend accurately describe as engaging in intellectual-inbreeding, won’t spend any effort to take a critical observational view of reality… unless it fits within their snug tightly-wound ideological boxes.

There will be no wondering about the VAERS data (wrapped in a nice little bow here...); there will be no discerning discussion around how an FDA EUA is a different standard than an FDA approval; there will be no time spent on a politically-agnostic site like (straight up research and facts, folks); there will be no knowledge about whether these vax-concoctions actually stop transmission or infection (hint: they don’t); there will be no acceptance of the fact that aerosol is more infectious than droplets [Ref: Dr. Lee Merritt]

This level of discourse just doesn’t matter to those who… well… to say it straight… are allowing themselves to be brainwashed by 75%+ of everything they see, hear and gulp down across media / T.V.

Intellectual-inbreeding, indeed.

Look, I won’t get into further links about the vaccine. I gave enough via my last WEEKEND WHATS newsletter (find the email with this subject line in your inbox: WW – Worthy movies, fighting the good fight, Bit Boys + More).

However, as it relates to the overall bigger picture, or any subversive agenda that might just be playing out right behind your head, I’ll ask you a question:

Do you really feel free? Do you sense levels of liberty that give you the very choices you need to ‘Design a Life’ how you see fit?

Let’s dive deeper via today’s missive from Simon Black:

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