Hell’s Club: The Ultimate Mashup of Badass Movie Characters


As reported by Joey Blevins of The A.V. Club, in the summer of 2015…

“French filmmaker Antonio Da Silva caused a viral sensation with his short film Hell’s Club, an incredibly ornate and brilliantly edited movie mashup that gleefully transcended time, space, and genre to bring seemingly every memorable badass in movie history together in one place.”

One viewer rightfully commented:

I can’t even fathom the amount of talent, effort and patience that was required to make this video. No words will ever make anyone understand what it takes to make this happen. For your patience, for your hard work, and for bringing a smile to so many faces on earth, I sincerely respect you, sir. Hoping to see more of your work.

Let’s dive in….

Hell’s Club, Part One:

Hell’s Club, Part Two:

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