Joe Rogan… and the Social-Justice Mob

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“The fucked up thing about all of this is that all eyes aren’t on Joe [Rogan] because of his use of the “N-word” rather for his views on other matters. They are using race, which is a real, emotionally-charged, divisive subject as a smokescreen for the real issue & that is what pisses me off.”

“If you have an issue with someone, let that issue be the issue. Don’t hide it behind something else. These podcasts have been around for years & no one has said shit about them until now because Joe’s voice doesn’t fit some agenda.”

– David Goggins

“Imagine if White people demanded that Black people weren’t allowed to use certain words! Democrats in Congress would hold hearings and pass a resolution denouncing such outrageous language-policing and it would be a national scandal.

“Joe Rogan should NOT have apologized.  He should have denounced the double standards, black fragility, and fake outrage over a White person using a little word.” 

Mark Dice

And that’s the pigeon-holed part I’m wrestling with, looking outside-in onto the Joe Rogan cries of “racism” saga.

Here, I’ll just say it…
(More like summarize what over 69,000 Joe Rogan supporters have echoed here, via the comment section of Joe’s honest and legit explanation that puts what he has “said,” over a decade’s time span, in context)

The social-justice mob desires double-standards.

The snowflakes demand independent thought / loose colloquial expression to be regulated and reeled in.

The radical progressives have a superpower called gaslighting.

To them, it’s ok when the NYC mayor calls white cops “crackers.” (An intended inflammatory term directed at a group of people in a derogatory way).

But, holy shit, when a dope-smoking libertarian / socialist podcaster — one whose episodes bring in 11 million listeners per episode, surpassing the viewership statistics of several mainstream outlets combined (MSNBC, CNN, Fox News) — gets popular…

The mantra of ‘punish success / celebrate victimhood’ takes on a whole new level of diabolical sickness for many who, quite frankly, look for scapegoats.


Isn’t it easier to claim past “sins” onto somebody who represents perceived opposite views; to define them, permanently, based upon the unequilibrated extremism residing within? (Further study here: The secret to life on earth)

The problem I’m having with the line of thinking that words (should), taken out of context or extrapolated broadly, mean something more than behavior, class and integrity over time… and that only some people can (or should be able to) say certain words, without repercussion…

That belief is rooted in fascism; in top-down managed control to the point where liberty dies or prospers at the hand of ‘freedom of speech.’ That is precisely what Cato’s 15th letter, the writers who compiled the series of essays under a pen name inspired by the Roman senator who stood against the tyranny of Julius Caesar, argued.

And it’s very similar to what I’m arguing today:

When society starts putting double-standards and excessive scolding and contempt onto those who don’t toe the line toward the status quo — i.e., as Apple’s famous commercial put it, “…the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…” — the deeper down the rabbit hole the unreasonable demands, the self-gratifying bullying, will go.

As Eric Post recently nut-shelled it:

We are watching Joe Rogan go through the standard attack checklist from the “left”. 

– He’s dangerous spreading misinformation! 
(Didn’t work. Try the next item) 

– He’s a racist!! 
(Proving not true. Try something else) 

When that fails they’ll try misogyny, falsely accuse him of in appropriate conduct with a woman, transphobia, bigotry and any other forms of slander. 

This is what happens when they can’t control you and you threaten their fragile narratives. 

When they can’t win with logic, facts, data, better policies or a better narrative they don’t concede to being wrong, they turn into back alley thugs. 

Unbelievably predictable. 

I wish Joe Rogan didn’t feel compelled to apologize for something that, quite frankly, had nothing to do with hatred, bigotry, or disrespect towards any group, race, or anything else.

We need to applaud and encourage truth-seekers…

Those putting themselves on the line to weed through extremism and polarizing views and limiting beliefs. That’s all I’ve ever seen Joe Rogan do while watching his interviews and commentary over the last decade or so.

Ben Shapiro, via the excerpt I have cut into below, covers this more eloquently… but, just remember something:

There are ever-growing groups of (get ready, I’m about to say it…) WHITE people that only feel empowered when they can find reasons to be offended… on behalf of others they think are incapable of defending themselves.

To borrow from Trump, who apparently stole this from Alex Jones who probably stole it from William Cooper:

“They’re Not After Me, They’re After You. I’m Just In the Way.”

Over to Shapiro for a deeper dive:

Now, to end this little head-shaking piece, over to my friend Peter Parks:

“Yea I’m black and I’m ok with Joe Rogan.  His apology is acceptable to me. He didn’t have to give one but he did and I know why he did. Society is crumbling. You look at someone a certain way and you’re slapped with a civil suit. It’s game on.

You want to be known in the pronoun form…ok got it. I can respect that and you, but don’t try and make me feel like I’m any less than you or your cause is bigger than the world because of it.  Because this world is going soft and there’s a bunch of snowflakes, Karen’s, cancel culture with agendas who live in it.”

“Never, never, never apologize to a mob.” Wise words from Jordan B Peterson

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