[ Crypto Resource Series ] – Biden’s Crypto Executive Order

To kick-off a prosperous 2022, we at M4Research.com are offering up a Crypto Resource Series. It is our belief that converging economic and social crises have created a “Perfect Storm” that will dramatically accelerate cyptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain adoption through the stratosphere.

This email is part of a series of emails which shares insights, resources and how-tos so you, too, can profit from the most transformative technology mankind has ever seen.

Email #10

You may have heard about this already.

But, last night there was a leaked response, by Janet Yellen, to Biden’s crypto executive order.

Of course, the immediate gut-reaction by those on the fringes of politics and 100%-antigovernmental regulation… is to presume the worst.

Such as the notion that BTC, the king of cryptocurrency, will suddenly be useless. Hint: It won’t.

And, quite frankly, this new non-event order will just make it easier for institutions to pile even more money into the non-fiat Web3 / DeFi ecosphere.

An excellent debriefing on that is here:

Andrei Jikh – 10:02

On the other hand, some say this new execution order will eventually make it easier for the world-at-large, led by the United States, to move toward a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

That’s probably true. But highly unlikely anytime in the near future.

An excellent debriefing on that is here:

Matthew Kratter – 12:20

Either way…

As “Guy” The Crypto Guy pointed out yesterday (see quote below), when the rubber hits the road, the REAL battle is currently playing out between:

A) Those who want control of how and who you transact with.

B) Those who will put a stop to… well… being controlled financially.

In this new era of “social enlightenment,” MONEY, in whatever new form it becomes, will determine which side wins.

“Rather than just being an economic object, used as a medium of exchange, a store of value, or a unit of account… money is a symbol of the underlying social realities within a national cultural, political and economic ecosystem. And its stability and intrinsic value, even if it is government issued, stems from the stability of a countries social and political institutions.”

Yes, because of the excessive and beyond reasonable wackiness out of Washington, we here at M4 can also see the fall of $USD coming (more insight).

When exactly?

Your guess is good as ours.

The question becomes:

If you’re on the “wrong” side of the social and cultural equation, and those in control don’t like what you’re about…

How will you become sanction proof?

Our co-founder Barry Goss, I’m told, will give you some resources and guidance soon, via the next email in this series.

Stay tuned…

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