About Barry Goss (“Bear”)

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My overall mantra:
Courage over cowardice.
Leadership over submission.
Actions over words. Life over fear.


Who I AM

Part good-guy information-spymaster, part verbal-villain… I think I’m simply.. eh… simply confused. Kidding (ahem mostly). ;)

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I’m Barry; a 40-plus-something entrepreneurial male (full-time online since  2005). I currently live somewhere west of Crater Lake, OR.

Not only am I the conductor of the little choo-choo we call M4 Research, I’m a father, leader, coach, student of life, time-freedom advocate and all-around investor and explorer of wealth.

I brainstorm, explore, test and deliver personally useful tools, resources, and information that, hopefully, will help add value to the world.

I enjoy expanding perceptions in myself and others. Questioning reality, through critical-thinking, is a good start. Igniting another soul to accomplish great things with me, even cooler.

My Passions

I write, read (read a lot), filter info., and dump-out more ideas than 10 dung beetles eat… well.. dung.

Let’s see.. what else. Ahh, okay, how ’bout:

  • Truth-seeking, exploring for deep knowledge, and sharing the resulting wisdom and stories.
  • Connecting with critical-thinkers, doers, rainmakers and rebelish-thinkers.
  • Sports.
  • The markets, trading charts, and esortic / unconventional business avenues.
  • Street Tacos; especially spicy steelhead in the middle.

My Strengths

I like to think I have the mental powers of Professor X (aka Charles Xavier), especially when it comes to getting in another’s mind, but outside of that, I’m a natural-born networker / collaborator and team-builder.

Also, I am:

  • Thorough, meticulous and dedicated to pursuits that offer me AND others knowledge, results and fun.
  • Project / task-management.
  • Solving problems, especially those centered around interpersonal conflict.
  • Making deals and connections that offer win-win value, over the long haul.

My Challenges

In business, I tend to excel at moving broad pieces of the puzzle board around; I understand what is what, and when and why it needs to move in place. In other words, it’s why I act a “Publisher” at M4 Research.

The challenge there is that I’m not necessarily an expert or focused doer in ONE thing.  I dig and an good at the art & science of sales; but digital sales & direct marketing (placing ads, media-buying, calculating ROI and managing the finer details of the tracking) my main flavor.

Also, when some of my contacts online don’t break out of Lone Ranger-itis (meaning, they don’t think they need to team-up in some way, or at least explore possibilities to leverage each others assets)… I get just a tad annoyed (and I let them know) ;)

Networking Interests

Yes – I am open to ideas, pitches and proposals off all types. Specifically around information publishing and online content (courses, membership sites, digital book-to-upsell strategies, etc).

It doesn’t, mean I can entertain or take action on all of them. But, as I know a good idea when I see it, I will bite when I smell beautifully-presented bait.

If you have something in mind, message me…

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