From my July 13th 2018 BEAR’S BULLETINS:

Life is truly just a series of PROJECTS. At least, that is, if you’re a creator, an artist. If you write, draw, paint, make stuff, teach, sell or ship anything to others (directly or indirectly), the more engagement you have in and around your passions, and core strengths, the more likely you are to hit a homerun or two along the way. The notion of finding your own way, outside of tradition, was clearly made in How To Become ‘Recession-Proof‘.

And, in Thirty Years of Projects, Seth Godin expands on it a bit: “I realized the other day that most people grow up thinking in terms of professional affiliations. ‘I’m going to be an accountant.’ ‘I’m going to work for General Dynamics.’ Somehow, I always thought of my career as a series of projects, not jobs. Projects… things to be invented, funded and shipped. Sometimes they take on a life of their own and last, other times, they flare and fade. But projects, one after the other, mark my career. Lucky for me, the world cooperated and our entire culture shifted from one based on long-term affiliations (you know, ‘jobs’) to projects.”


ACTIVE or Under Consideration


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