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2009 to Present

The M4 Research mission is to help alternative and sovereign-minded investors gain access to private, by-invitation-only, and completely unique (and legal) Investment Vehicles (IVs) that can offer uncommon returns, with minimized risks.

The overall “M4” brand — which stands for Make, Manage & Multiple Money — was born in 2011. It is an umbrella, or parent, financial publishing company designed to offer experts  (traders / investors / business minds) a place to ‘plug-in’ their content so they can do what they do best: teach and offer-up their unique research.

The publisher feature of M4 is still being built and fine-tuned. Currently, 90% of the content (which is comprised of specialty premium reports and a flagship membership, M4 Insider) is initiated and edited by its co-founders, Brad Weinman and Barry Goss (me).  

I, Barry, have been the acting Publisher since 2009, when our first product was The Wealth Vault (now M4 Insider).  

I am also the managing editor of a weekly ‘money digest’ called Money Monday, which you can learn more about at M4Research.com

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