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A kudos (Thanks) for wanting to reach out, via the written word. I always welcome questions, sharing and feedback, both so-called “good” and “bad” (labels so suck, however).

I try and reply to everyone within 48 hours (at the latest). But, before you message me, please read the guidelines below. Following them will ensure you get a reply in a timely manner.

  • Please be concise. In other words, no long novels. My poor little form below might wilt away in anxiety if you’re not short and to the point. Which brings me to this:
  • Offer a good sales pitch. IOW, if you’re going to write me to sell me — either on a product or service you have or are involved in — at least make your pitch impactful and personalized. The station I also tune into the most is WII-FM (What’s It In For Me?). So, the more benefit- specific to how you can help or assist me, the better.
  • Book an exploratory call instead... if a) you’re looking for coaching or mentorship b) if your need or project is sensitive or confidential in nature, or c) if your request or inquiry involves me having a greater contextual understanding beyond what you can adequately give in one or two paragraphs. If your situation or need meets the above (or similar) parameters, book a call here

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