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Don’t Leave Crumbs

If you’ve been reading my stuff consistently, like fellow WW subscriber Jabob Berezhinskiy (“Keep up the good work, I enjoy your style of writing, read almost every email that comes out! “), then you know something a bit weird about me: Besides the fact that I just can’t seem to …

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The “Secret Life” of Jack Skellington

My take on how the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town found the other side of life.

And how my ‘Jack alter ego,’ for half of one night, re-discovered what I’ve been protecting for quite some time.

Elon Musk’s Best Secrets of Success

Musk’s story is one of hustle and tenacity. There will always be defeats, setbacks, and challenges. The courage you need to overcome them will not manifest itself until your back is against the wall.

10 Years Away

A poignant piece of inspiration from a wise, old philosopher named Matthew McConaughey

The Hustle

The perfect 2-min parody of The Hustle Lifestyle.

“painful, relatable, and funny. Everything you need for a true tragedy.”

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