Oh the Self – as in self-awareness, self-growth, self-responsibility, etc.

Year’s ago, my longtime friend and business colleague Brad Weinman said to me:

“Smart people fail miserably when they don’t focus on important (major) priorities and when they don’t take responsibility for their own actions and effort. It’s the most common form of self-sabotage!”

There’s actually more to that statement of Brad’s:

As I’d said before, money — like energy — doesn’t just all of a sudden disappear into thin air when the stock market, real estate market, or currency markets collapse; it simply transfers to someone else… it moves from the ill-informed to the well-informed. The herd lives in blissful ignorance of these facts.

The deeper revelation that should be taken from the above statement is: to be well-informed you must FIRST be well aware!

When it comes to the part we play in our own evolution, our own prosperity level, and how much we really hold ourselves accountable for our own RESULTS (e.g., “Am I really getting and doing what I say I want to get and do?”), I’m reminded of possibly the most powerful three words I’ve ever heard:

Behavior Doesn’t Lie!

Via this category of posts, you’ll be reading my thoughts and ideas (as well as those of some contributors) about how to transform your own behavior and thinking from self-defeating and limiting to life-enhancing.

This won’t be your typical “love ‘n light” mumbo-jumbo, lofty form of coaching, or teaching anything too far “out there.”

I’m 100% convinced that in order to help those who are stuck — and assist them in being on the receiving side of wealth — I’ll need to share and say things that aren’t “feel-good” typical.

The “Secret Life” of Jack Skellington

My take on how the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town found the other side of life.

And how my ‘Jack alter ego,’ for half of one night, re-discovered what I’ve been protecting for quite some time.

Elon Musk’s Best Secrets of Success

Musk’s story is one of hustle and tenacity. There will always be defeats, setbacks, and challenges. The courage you need to overcome them will not manifest itself until your back is against the wall.

10 Years Away

A poignant piece of inspiration from a wise, old philosopher named Matthew McConaughey

The Hustle

The perfect 2-min parody of The Hustle Lifestyle.

“painful, relatable, and funny. Everything you need for a true tragedy.”

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