Life In a Day or Two Dudes on a Plane.

Life In a Day

“When a herd of people disconnect from others who don’t appear to think or perceive life like them, their opportunity cost immediately skyrockets to a price level they’ll never be able to afford.”

As we were walking past a patio brunch crowd today, that was the crux of a passing abstract comment a friend threw out into the wind… at least in a low tone for only me to hear.

About 6 to 8 people were having an evidently-heated debate around politics.

Yeah… aha… you just proved you don’t care about anybody else’s health.

You’re obviously a leftist who hasn’t looked deep enough to detect your own ignorance.

You’re obviously a leftist who hasn’t looked deep enough to detect your own ignorance.

So look… I’m down with it all. The CDC checks up on me everyday, via text check-ins. F*ck you if you don’ think they care about you too.

The barbs and digs, no matter how twisted and irrational, were flying all over the place.

As we walked past these complex souls all caught up in the prevailing ‘Us vs Them’ / 2-party extremist BS — all, of course, purposely fueled by the hive-mind media complex, where a key mantra is ‘labels control the herd’ — I thought of the inspiring story that Ryan Stewman, CEO at Break Free Academy, shared today.

(It’s below… along with an embedded documentary I’m including because it ties in so nicely)

HEADS-UP: For those of you expecting me to stick with my default societal rants and facetious ‘stupid human trick’ observations, no worries. I still have your back. Matter of fact… I think I’ll have something a bit darker, but potentially personally transforming, by Tuesday.

Until then…. over to Ryan

Ryan Stewman writes / observes…

Yesterday I was onboard a flight, and the dudes across the isle got my attention.

The dude next to the window was a white dude. His name was probably Brad. He had a polo shirt on, khaki shorts and was probably a frat boy 30 years ago.

Next to Brad was a black dude with dreads, jewelry and sagging pants. His name was probably Tyrone.

BradHey man nice to meet you.

TyroneWord son.

They start making small talk.

BradYou traveling for work?

TyroneYeah, I own a tech company.

Brad pulls out his iPad..

Brad: I just got back from Arizona. Check out these rock formation pictures I took while out there.

TyroneRock formations? Hell yea son. Let’s see em!

For the next 1 hour and 23 mins these two dudes talked about rocks, the desert and their travels like two old best friends reunited.

Tyrone went from gangster, to Brad the family man’s best friend real quick.

It was beautiful to watch.

It reminded me of life back in 2015.

What is the lesson here:

Everyone is led to believe we are all so different and don’t understand each other.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is we are ALL more alike than different. Rock formations in the desert intrigue us all (unless you live there).

No matter where we are from, how we dress, what our skin color is, and what we do for work, our beliefs are more aligned than not.

The news would have you believe everyone hates each other. I’m out and about all the time, and I never see anything but Americans getting along the way we always have.

We are more alike than we are different. Remember that next time you see something divisive.

Rise Above!

Life In A Day

As mentioned in the preface of this email, here’s the documentary, Life In a Day, produced by Ridley Scott, that shines broader light on just how alike we all really are:

Action Step: Click the play button above and watch the ‘realness of humanity’ in action.

As Ryan’s story today points out, in spite of the odd sect of society that is still stuck in fear and shame mode, humans overall are much more interested in being heard and seen, sans the labels, no matter what simulated realities the big-tech / media complex conjures up.

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