Wealth wisdom: when it comes to your money and your retirement, be smart, not blindly obedient.

Secret wealth generation nugget #1: Don’t focus on your cash, but rather focus on your cash-flow.

Insiders know this.

That’s why Wall Street firms value companies based on a Discounted Cash-Flow analysis, not on the size of the ‘Net Worth’ section of their balance sheets.

Secret wealth generation nugget #2:  Many well-meaning people have taught you to believe that you don’t really have wealth, if you don’t save.

I’m going to tweak this sacred cow money-mantra a bit and brand it with this:

Your networth only stays on an upward track when you give your money a chance to work for you. There’s a big different between saving & investing, versus spending & consuming.

Investments have always been, and will always be, more profitable than saving money.

It is these kinds of nuggets, of real-world practical advice, that I shall be focusing on within this category, as shown by the posts below.

A Legit Credit to Cashflow System

No need to have idle cash producing no returns. Why not borrow at ~5%/APY and turn around and make ~15%/month? Credit-to-cashflow at it finest.

Introducing Ticker.art

Ticker.art: a series of commissioned art works that takes the most boring and utilitarian of things — the letters of a stock ticker symbol — and creates an exciting, original image, inspired by the company behind the symbol.

Passive Investment Income

This is what is possible when it comes to employing an automated trading bot into your wealth-creation portfolio. Worth the look.

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