This will make your income freeze in its tracks

income freeze

Admission of accountability: Whenever my income / cash-flow stalls, or hits a threshold that is consistently stalling out, I end up realizing it comes down to one core habit of time:

Spending more of it (Time) Consuming versus more of it Creating.

Now these two activities are all relative, depending on how your Life is set up. And neither one is “badder” or “gooder” than the other (how’s my childlike urban lingo?); however, in the grand scheme of things, if you’re selling stuff (including yourSELF – your value), I’d recommend this:

Creation activities…

As an Entrepreneur:

  • Proposing, reaching out, asking questions, following-up, etc.
  • Mind-dumping ideas, making notes, carefully curating valuable resources.
  • Staying curious about someone, offering your help, networking with them.
  • Strategizing, planning, brainstorming, masterminding, etc

As an Employee:

  • Actually doing your job versus whining about somebody else’s.
  • Looking for unique ways to make your daily responsibilities more leveragable.
  • Being a team-player who strives to make your environment fun.
  • Asking, not assuming. Questioning, not critiquing. Offering, not demanding.

Well, you get the point. While the above is all written on-the-fly, off the top of my head, the overall vibe should be:

– Give to get!

– Prove your worth to those who don’t know you.

– Execute through a possibility-driven mind, not one stuck in poormeitis mode.

– Activity and Productivity can be very different worlds apart.

There ya have it.

My 10-cent advice for the day, Dear lovely reader.

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