Will Smith, Chris Rock, the Oscars and the bitch slap. Why you’re getting distracted by it!

will smith chris rock slap oscars

Holly-weird… and… your love affair with actors

“The point was that 99% of the people losing their collective shit over Putin and Ukraine on social media will have likely forgotten or lost interest in it within a few weeks. And, indeed, that seems to be the case. How do I know? Because those are largely the same people freaking out and filling our news feeds about The Will Smith Slap these past few days.”

 – Mark Manson, co-author of the book Will

If there’s one thing I hope you’ve taken away from my bulletins… it’s this:

We’re all more hypnotized, by outside “events,” than we are willing to admit.

Do you notice how I always (try to) bring back cultural absurdity and political atrocity to you?

To me; to every damn element of the internal parts of ourselves that have 100% total control and responsibility to how we perceive, think and feel?

Still, there’s something within us that demands — just ab-so-f*ck-en-lute-ly demands — we have an “event” to critique and analyze the bejesus out of.

As I said in my The Rise of Self-Distraction post (2020), when an imaginary, sensationalized or characterized enemy can feed their addiction for self-distraction, why for shits sake would somebody so fearful of themselves not join in a fad-movement like toxic masculinity, or ________ (fill in the blank with any new, temporary cool thing to rail about).

So, on that note…

If you absolutely must be part of the ‘hedonistic headline’ hypnosis…

Will Smith
Will Smith Oscars

If you absolutely must have your own best understanding of somebody, some special celeb, that didn’t seemingly fit your own version of reality-in-the-moment

You have a few choices through me:

Read Mark Manson’s take on Will Smith:

again, he’s the co-author of the book, Will)

– or 

Read the comments, from people sitting with a 3000 foot view, on threads started by some of my fellow flakebook friends below.

NOTE: The number within the ( ) is the number of comments on each thread.

Phillip Black (72)

Eric Edmeades (197)

Terri Levine (53)

Dan Brock (21)

James Rutter (71)

Mike Pisciotta (37)

Darren Casey (44)

John Castignini (51)

David Frey (100)

Tom Beal (30)

Anik Singal (153)

Eric Post (530)

Aaron Rashkin (65)

Matthew Kabomis Loomis (179)

Daniel Bowden (43)


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