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A recent member of a high-level online entrepreneurial community asked the following in our group:

Thoughts: What are your best strategies for generating quick and ongoing cashflow from cash that is just sitting? Love to know what everyone is doing.”

Everybody wants “fast cash” (of course), so I figured I’d give him an immediate, as on-the-fly response as I could tied to “consistent cashflow.”

Here’s my reply for your consideration as well:

Dormant cash, certainly in this negative interest rate environment (strip in CPI inflation and you’ll get that) isn’t doing anybody any favors.

So far, everything I’ve seen on this thread involves yield farming in the DeFi world.

There are a few, responses, however, that touch upon a collateralized loan approach. In the traditional markets, one example is to use M1 Finance to take a loan out for 3.5% off of your equity assets.

In the non-traditional / digital assets market, you can go to someone like Nexo.io and grab a 5 to 8% APY loan off of your crypto assets. [see Rogue Method #1 here…]

The question now becomes where do you take this new found low-loan money and employ a viable credit to cashflow strategy?

The spread between what you borrow and what you obtain (from the investment vehicle TYPE I’m about to touch upon below) between the two is, of course, your ROI.

Me and my 20-year business partner and friend, Brad Weinman, have been showing associates, colleagues and family members how to do this for quite some time. Since 2009 to be precise.

One of our go-to IVs, to obtain abnormal rates of return on this “borrowed” (from ourselves) money is…the traditional currency / Forex markets.

The secret sauce here though is that we don’t manually trade currency pairs. Instead, we offer a ‘white glove’ service where we install a special kind of automated trading software called an Expert Advisor (EA for short) for you.

It takes about 10 minutes to set everything up. Once it’s installed, you can check in as often as you’d like on your phone or computer to see how your money is growing and make withdrawals anytime you want ― your time is freed up to do what you want to do.

The primary benefits to using this automated software:

  • The bot is emotionless. It follows a proven process to predictably and consistently deliver you automated 10% to 20%+ monthly gains without fail.
  • It uses a simple yet extremely powerful hedging strategy that’s designed to reduce losses while simultaneously locking in profits no matter which direction the currency markets move.
  • Your money is always 100% under your control. You can fund your account with Bitcoin and withdraw in Bitcoin. No experience necessary.
  • It requires very little ongoing monitoring and maintenance, so you can go live your life without having to spend countless hours in front of the screen.

I’ve been personally using this system for the last 2 years and I have not had one losing month — ever!

We opened up this complete “automation trading bot” package to our cherished M4 Insider members back in August. The results are still phenomenal.

We’re now, next week, going to be offering this to non-members, which will include Brad’s ‘white glove’ installation service and support where he’ll take care of all that for you hands-free, as well as a private 1-on-1 strategy session with Brad to go over his proven money management strategies that will help you profit long-term.

You’ll get his optimized settings that make him and his clients $1,000’s every week. Yes, again, I am one of his clients too.

If you want to be notified when the cart reopens, please add yourself to the waitlist.

Then, after you click the the link above and optin, you’ll probably want to checkout the recording of a Zoom call I did with Brad. On this call, we cover the ins and outs of the bot as well as show off live client accounts.

For convenience, I have added a Chapter tool, for timestamps, at the bottom right of the video player.


I hope you enjoy our conversation. Let us know via the comments section on the video page linked above.

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