You’ve Been Hypnotized to Accept Beta Market Returns

An excerpt from today’s The Pomp Letter, a paid newsletter I subscribe to, reminded me of something very personal.

I have friends and loved ones — waaaaay too many — who are seemingly content in their routine.

Which, in this context, means outsourcing their financial retirement to “advisors,” while secretly, inwardly, fearing for the day when their magical number (65? 70?) comes.

These “advisors” they rely on…

They were taught to keep their clients happy by selling the virtues of Beta. Today, upon whiffing by CNBC in a coffee shop, I heard a commentator talking about how Moderna, and it’s stock, is a 10-year long-term Buy.

F*cccck man, who really has got ten years to wait around for a stock that may produce Alpha, or above market-matching returns?

This question ties into Pomp’s sentiment shared below because alternatives, or the pursuits you have that are outside consensus-approaches, will always give you a leg-up.

A leg-up on ‘beating the game’ you were sucked into from the moment you were born.

I’ll be back once I hand you off to Pomp:

“As the great Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.’ I’m not convinced that we have liberty today, especially when you consider that every major proposal on the table would require Americans to give up privacy and freedom.

“Whether the incumbents like it or not, they are pushing every day people to seek alternative solutions. Do you want to financial privacy? Do you want self-sovereignty? Do you want preservation of your purchasing power? Bitcoin quickly becomes an attractive place to store a portion of your wealth against this backdrop.”

Questions and reprimands.

A 1-2 punch for igniting powerful solutions.

The mindset that relies on a public-managed lifestyle; that accepts paltry beta-returns in equites; that bows down to a government that runs up $29 trillion in national debt; that still sticks dormant “money” in traditional banks…

It is a tale, told by an idiot, Full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. (Shakespeare)

In reference to Bitcoin, what I enjoy most about the digital-currency is that it can be nicely 10x’d on autopilot.

The link above will take you to a 30-min show ‘n tell video where Brad & I go over the ins & outs of his proprietary FX-automation trading bot.

Here’s a run-down of what I enjoy most about this type of passive-investment cash flow:

  • Compound your returns as your account balance grows
  • Complete transparency
  • High Monthly ROI potential (10%+)
  • Your money is always 100% under your control
  • You can fund your account with Bitcoin and withdraw in Bitcoin
  • No experience necessary – great for beginners
  • No sponsoring, recruiting, or selling required – everyone earns
  • Profit in any economy whether the market goes up or down
  • Available worldwide

Truly, it’s time to take matters in your own hands.

Or, in this case, the robotic-hands of an Electronic Advisor that is emotionless; which allows it to follow a proven process to predictably and consistently deliver you automated gains without fail.

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