Take 3 minutes and “think about it!”

“This is why I’m skeptical when someone throws out the banal phrase, ‘Follow the science.’ Or, the other chestnut: ‘The science is settled.’ Science is never settled. Science was created to combat dogma and keep it in check. Science is profane. That doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. But it does mean it should never be treated as sacred, immutable, or immortal. Science is a verb. A process of discovery”. – Chris Campbell

Walking Through a Forest of Senselessness

More to come soon on the above immutable phrases that are bandied about, like frosted butter cake (yum! I had my first one last night), by teen activists and the Borg… whose puppet strings control such impressionable minds.

For today…

Let’s get past our own self-anointed all-knowing “Scientist,” and go into the land of curious questions.

Socrates (466-399 B.C.) — that enigmatic Greek philosopher and “guru” of Plato — was quoted in Xenophon’s “Economics” as essentially saying the following:

Hey; yeah hey YOU…. you already know the reasoning, the merits, about what I’m asking. You just need a thoughtful and properly-crafted question or two to actually move…

His version of move?

Like my own version, even when the nasty breath of cognitive dissonance is breathing down your neck, you’ll push yourself past the Borg’s hive-mind through CRITICAL THINKING.

It, and often it only, is the one thing that will get you walking towards clarity and common sense… and away from obscurity and senselessness.

One of my longtime friends has a thriving direct mail / list brokerage business. Most of his clients are the typical self-reliant and responsible hard-working Americans who don’t have time for BS and social-justice / virtual signaling nonsense.

Yet, still… there are always the select minority who want him to address the contradictions they (for whatever reason) are still holding onto about health, crack-cines and… overall.. his take on Rona.

My friend is about uncovering truths that are mired in facts; not attention-grabbing delusions fueled by somebody part of the outage mob who loves to victimize themselves… constantly.

What’s ironic is that he uses the very same source of data that the very people who need support, to stay stuck in fear, use. So, referencing the CDC — and tapping into his inner Socrates — he starts off the Q&A with this question.

The question linked above reminds me, to some decree, what audio engineer Dan Monroe asked a few weeks ago.

This video is a whole 3-minutes long. But it is well worth fully soaking in… IF… and only IF you want a powerful Socratic-esque take on a myriad of precursory questions to this one wallop of a question:

Why is it that the Powers That Be absolutely insist that you must be vaccinated… with their experimental drug?

The answer?
Quite obvious, as you’ll hear here….

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