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Several weeks have passed since my recent posts tied to the current state of fears (and over-the-top senselessness) throughout the western world.

Soon…I will be diving deeper into this subject, as it relates to mental health — a taboo subject, sadly, that many do their best to hide from. Watching S4:E7 of The Crown last night was a great reminder of that.

In the meantime, extremism and hell-bent ideology — which is most often rooted in a desire to have a boogeyman to fight in order to bury one’s psychosis and fuel a rationale for playing it small in life (my social post on Unity comes to mind) — keeps many from going beyond mass media and purported “authorities” for alternative perspectives… even facts that can save your life.

In the words of the great internet marketing pioneer, Ken McCarthy:

“The first step in any solution is to accept that you are responsible for the outcomes in your life – not the government, not the news media, and indeed no branch of the industry, including so-called ‘health care.’”

On that note, while I often so facetiously make quips about Facebook being Flakebook, when you’re selective about what threads you spend time in… you can come away with some resources and ideas you may have otherwise let yourself overlook…. whether by intention (due to being narrow-minded via ideology) or by the desire to be “right” at all costs.

NOTE: To be clear, across the board, I am not pro-vax or anti-vax. I am, rather, pro informed-consent. In relation, however, to the Covid Vax — a rushed-to-market unproven / experimental biological agent that is still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) — I am not going to be for it, at this time, for many reasons.

What am I reading / watching in order to attempt to gauge “fear perspectives,” to not jump right into the alarmist vaccine-strong arming running rampant across the social sphere of society?

Some links for perusal:

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Children and Covid
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The Science of Masks (resource rich site)

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