Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Will You Comply?

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate is…

Feel free to give me your take via the comments section. But, before you do…

Listen to some quick perspectives from two men (of the Lion caliber) whom I respect and admire:



Please let me know what you think below…

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  • ken says:

    Fuck you joe!

  • Sara says:

    Nada. And I am in HR industry, where I am helping small to medium sized businesses get past all of this fear tactic mumbo jumbo.

    As JP above points out.. this country still has a constitution that gives us a sacred choice about what we can and can’t put in our body. Keep on keeping on Barry.

  • PJ Cusack says:

    Greetings from IRELAND! I’m sharing your post on my FB Timeline………Please add me to your FB list….Thanks! We have the same BS over here…….I’m like an unvaxed leper here…..Stay Safe and Be Blessed!

  • Mike says:

    I will not comply

  • Lioness says:

    I feel bad for the sheep. I and my family will not comply. As usual, businesses and entrepreneurs will figure out a way (maybe through legal, maybe by being smarter than any aspect of government and certainly the dementia-ridden temporary resident of the WH) to accomplish what they need to do, despite the obstacles put in their way.

  • Richard McGough says:

    Barry, Full disclosure. I will not comply but my wife, daughter and son have. All very smart people who believe the main stream narrative. And I understand that because they want to believe that their government or health professionals would not lie to them.

    I worked in a classified program in the military over 30 years ago, area 22 and 51, I know how lies are kept. For the last 30 plus years it is has been with a major airline. I am waiting for that mandate shoe to drop but let me explain what will happen if that does. First, the company I work for has 40% of the pilots who have not opted for the experiment. That is 6000 pilots, maybe 10% will acquiesce if a mandate follows. That still leaves 4500 pilots that will opt to be tested as opposed to being part of the experiment.

    Here is what that means; pilots show up at their regular check in time. Wait in a line to get tested, saliva not nose jab, this takes time and then the flights will leave late and then the passengers will be angry and on and on it goes.

    As for the Delta pilots who have refused and have to pay an additional $300 for not being part of the experiment. We normally fly an average .78 mach speed. We get paid by the minute. I can almost guarantee you the Delta crews will be flying .71 and .72 to make up for $300 extra a month and once again there will be late arrivals and departures.

    Defiance comes in many forms as does stupidity.

    Even our chief pilot believes you can not get covid if you have agreed to the experiment.

    But since we all create our reality. I will keep my intention on the betterment of the human spirit and human condition. I choose to believe that EVERYTHING is a miracle.

    Be well! Be you!!

    • Barry Goss says:

      Nice hearing from you, Richard.

      It continues to boggle my mind how so many productive members of society still choose to outsource the decisions around their health to what the obvious scam, orchestrated by those with an obvious agenda (it isn’t to “save lives”) is all about.

      Cognitive-dissonance is, indeed, a powerful drug; hynotic in execution. I applaud you for seeing through it and/or what the likey outcome will be for the consumer.

      The “we all create our reality” philosophy becomes less and less real for me when the masses easily succumb to the reality that is force-fed down their brains.

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