Flummunity 2020

by Roger Haeske

Did you know that there already is a cure for the common cold and the flu? 

But guess what?

The mainstream media, social media and the Medical Mafia are intentionally hiding it from you because then how could they terrify you with their harmless Sharonavirus.

Editor’s Note: that is Roger’s play on words that pokes fun at the sham that is being propagated into the minds of those who are easily gullible.

And if you smoke and or your lungs aren’t in the greatest shape then this information could very well save your life. 

In 2013 a number of synchronous factors happened to me at once and I accidentally stumbled upon the cure for the common cold and the flu that I later named Flummunity.

This works like nothing else I have ever tried. And it has worked for many thousands of other people too, who were taking proper levels of what I call the “Super Immunity Nutrient”. 

Once you have the right amount of the Super Immunity Nutrient in your system, your body will create up to 300 different INTELLIGENT antibiotic and anti-fungal substances that easily destroy colds and the flu.

Yes, that means these substances only kill the dangerous invaders and do not harm healthy cells in any way. In fact, they are only created if your body sees it’s being attacked. 

The “Super Immunity Nutrient” actually supercharges your immune system so that it can slay cold and flu viruses (actually germs) with ease. It’s like bringing a machine gun to a boxing match.

When you fire the Flummunity machine gun, it kills the cold and flu germs like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Within 15 to 30 minutes of taking the proper dose of the Super Immunity Nutrient your cold and flu symptoms will disappear.

But you can’t just take the nutrient, you have to know how to take it in the right way because too much of it taken the wrong way can actually be harmful. 

However, if you follow the tried and tested Flummunity 2020 system you’ll learn the safe way to up your levels of the Super Immunity Nutrient. With this information, you and your family will never again have to suffer with a miserable flu or cold.

And you’ll never again feel the need to take a very toxic and dangerous flu shot. 

And since this Sharonavirus scare is only getting crazier and crazier by the day, I’ve decided to extend the sale on my new, improved and expanded Flummunity 2020

Use this coupon code below on the checkout page: BEARMINT

Editor’s Note: As a longtime friend of Roger’s, I was able to twist his arm (only took seconds) in order to ensure my infatuated readers (that’s you, right?) get a hearty discount on his excellent ‘How-to’ offering above.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 52-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 18-Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Youth-Restoration and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

P.S. If you have any questions then just ask away via the comments section at the very bottom of this page.

Or, feel free to check out my extensive FAQS here:

Q: Will Flummunity work for me even though I’m not a raw foodist, vegan or vegetarian?

A: Yes. This has already been proven to work on hundreds of people who didn’t even know what a Raw Food Diet was.

Q: Does Flummunity prevent you from getting colds in the first place?

A: Yes. The original 3-step Flummunity protocol and the Virus Vanquisher will make most people virtually immune to ever getting symptoms when used daily. The third cold busting technique you only use at the first sign of symptoms.

Q: Will this work if I already start showing cold symptoms.

A: Yes. Absolutely Yes!

The “Emergency 30-Second Procedure” will in most cases knock your cold symptoms out within about 15 to 30 minutes. If symptoms come back you just take it again.

This works best if you use this procedure as soon as you notice any cold symptoms. If for some reason you wait a day or two until you’ve developed full blown cold symptoms (like a cough or runny nose) then those symptoms will have to run their natural bodily course. Even though you’ll have still killed the cold or flu virus. However, you won’t gain any new cold symptoms from that point forward.

Q: Will Flummunity help me avoid the dangerous “side effects” typical cold remedies?

A: Yes. It is true. No nasty side effects for you.

In fact, this is so safe you can combine all three anti-cold and flu procedures together and still not have any side effects like you’d get from toxic over the counter cold medicines.

Q: Can’t I just figure this stuff out all on my own?

A: Possibly, but I can tell you it took me many years of my own research of the health literature. But also over a decade of being 100% raw and learning from that experience. Also you may have to travel and live in many different places before you come up with what I eventually figured out. For the travel was one of the keys for me to figure this puzzle out. Then once I got the basic information together I have been experimenting with it for over 7 years now. During that time I’ve made several changes and adaptations to the system. Many of those improvements to the system I’ve only made recently and are covered in the 2020 update.

Why waste years of your life if you can permanently and immediately protect yourself and your family for the rest of your life for way less than the price of a movie/dinner date?

Q: What exactly am I getting when I invest in Flummunity?

A: I’m offering the INFORMATION (and only information) of what you need to do to never get a cold or flu again. There is a supplement you can buy separately however I also provide a couple of alternative methods of getting in that nutrient without supplements.

You’ll get 9 tracks or downloadable mp3 audios and the written PDF transcript of those audios.

You’ll also get the bonus Virus Vanquisher written PDF report that shows you two additional ways to slay colds and the flu. And there are many additional healing benefits from using the first method.

Plus you get the 2020 video updates. Why make the mistakes I did. This is my latest version of how to do Flummunity. And you’ll also learn how to combine all of the Flummunity techniques together for the greatest protection.

And finally you get the exclusive customer email updates and bonuses.

Whenever you become a customer of mine it’s very important to never unsubscribe from the customer email list because even a decade later I may be sending you bonuses and the latest updates. For instance, my Savory Veggie Stews and Lightning Speed Fitness customers have been receiving updates via email for over a decade now.

The main program itself reveals my proven 3-step protocol for never getting a cold or flu again. It’s pretty simple to do.

Q: Does the “Emergency 30-Second Procedure” really work to stop cold or influenzas after you’re already starting to get sick?

A: Yes

Though usually it will take 15 to 30 minutes after doing the procedure to see the diminishing or very often, the elimination of cold symptoms.

However, you may notice some symptoms come back later in the day. If so, then you just do the 30-Second Emergency Cold Stopping procedure again.

You may need to do this thirty second procedure up to three times a day and do it up to about 3 or 4 days depending how far along you are in your cold or flu symptoms before you follow the procedure. The sooner you notice your symptoms and do the procedure the faster and better the results.

Never getting cold or flu symptoms in the fall and wintertime is the greatest pleasure. You can live your life to the fullest without spending a few days or even a miserable week or two in bed. 

And no more fears of media and medical mafia generated pandemics because you can beat ALL colds and flus with Flummunity.

Q: Will Flummunity work for me even though I’m in contact with a lot of sick people?

A: Yes… Absolutely

In the case studies I read about where I saw the Super Immunity Nutrient working for 99 to 100% of the people, they were often surrounded by others who were sick with a cold or flu but they were immune from catching it. And they didn’t have anywhere close t the extra protection you’ll get once you know the Flummunity 2020 Protocol.

Q: Will this work for strep throat?

A: I strongly suspect so but am not 100% certain.

My kids have never gotten anything close to strep throat when they were living with me and using the Flummunity Protocol. Also none of us adults have ever gotten strep throat either. Yet when I was a child I “caught” strep throat often. I think at least 5 times. That means 5 times I had to go to the doctor and get a prescription for strep throat.

The symptoms of that were horrible. I remember one time feeling so delirious with fever while having strep that I could not feel my feet when I was walking.

Q: Can Flummunity work for me even if I don’t like taking supplements?

A: Yes

I provide two alternatives methods to taking supplements of getting in the Super Immunity Nutrient.

Q: Is it true you’ve not had a cold over the last 7 years since you’ve discovered the Flummunity Protocol?

A: No. I’ve gotten a cold two times (no flu though). And in both instances I didn’t have enough of the Super Immunity Nutrient (SIN) on hand or its co-nutrient.

HOWEVER: I used to get colds on average twice a year. So even though I got two colds that’s about 12 colds less than I normally would have gotten in 7 years. And of course, I believe I could have avoided them entirely had I been properly rested and had enough of the Super Immunity Nutrient to slay the virus or germ that causes colds and influenzas. (Yes I believe colds and the flu may actually have nothing to do with viruses. I wrote an email about that recently.)

Now keep in mind, I have in some cases started to get cold symptoms. But each and every time I was able to stop any further progress and then completely reverse all symptoms by using either the “Emergency 30-Second Procedure” and or the new Virus Vanquisher system which is a bonus report inside Flummunity.

Q: Do you really offer a 365 day total guarantee?

A: Yes

I’m so confident that you’ll never ever suffer again from a cold or flu that I offer a full year for you to test it out without risk.

Q: Is Flummunity better than taking massive doses of vitamin C?

A: Yes, Absolutely

Are you kidding me. Taking huge doses of vitamin C does not work in my experience and it can easily upset your stomach and have other negative side effects. Taking vitamin C in large doses never once stopped me from getting a cold as a kid. And as a raw foodist I get like 15x vitamin C levels daily and unfortunately I still can catch colds.

But Flummunity works virtually every single time for my kids and us adults too.

Q: I can see the potential value in this but do I really think I should buy it?

A: Yes (But of course I am biased.)

Most people get the cold or flu at least once or twice a year. Some people unfortunately get sick 4 or more times each and every year.

Imagine for the price of a cheap dinner date you get the information to never again in your life have to lay in bed delirious with a fever. What about never having to suffer with a sore throat? And no more coughing so hard that your stomach muscles hurt.

What about not having that sore nose from the constant nose blowing that happens as a result of your body trying to heal itself? And of course that means you save money because you buy a lot less tissues and no more useless cold remedies.

What about no more lost work days?

What about no more of those miserable fever dreams?

Flummunity will simply provide you and your family a much better quality of life for the rest of your lives.

How many programs have you bought in the past that you can say that about?

Use the coupon code below on the checkout page:

Coupon Code: BEARMINT

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