What the #$*! Do We Know!?

A sh*t load more NOW… than we did in 2004 !

Well, that’s my short answer to the question posed in the title of the quirky little documentary, new-agey film called:

What the #$*! Do We Know!?

In it Amanda (Marlee Matlin), a photographer post ex-boyfriend, embarks on a journey of curiosity into the quirky unknown.

From the moment the budding Lebron James asks her how far down the rabbit hole she wants to go (eh… a long, long way bro!)… to the scene where she learns about happy and sad water molecules, and all quantumness in between, we seem to be left wanting to light up some Mary Jane and get into “high talk” with whoever will… well… “high talk” with us.

Or, with all the cartoon-ish animated blobs weaved into Amanda’s experiences, maybe the directors just had a diabolical plan to remind us of our last shroom trip.

Either way, I think it did inspire a social-conscious opening for the Seekers out there (you?) who need a bit of hard science to justify learning about the unseen world(s) around us.

It may not have been a metaphysical movie masterpiece, but it sure set the building blocks, 3 years prior, for the more abstract and cryptic teachings in The Secret to be palatable.

I’ve done my part over the years helping to dissect (some might say unwrap) that latter exposé into the underbelly of Manifestation.


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Yup, me typing that very ‘M’ word brings back layers of emotion; so many memories of long days (and longer nights) hoping to figure outthe formula for being my own genie.

I won’t go into the details here, but just know that much of what I thought I had nailed down… that knowledge… it just kept morphing into newer and bigger epiphanies about life; its meaning and mysteries that reside way above our limited conscious understanding.

And, looking back at it now, the snag for me was the conscious part. In a lot of ways, due to indie flicks like ‘What The Bleep…,’ I felt justified in trying to intellectualize this stuff; I enjoyed using my linear mind to feel ahead of the curve in sharing what I was finding along the way.

In many ways I was ahead of social acceptance (Note: “manifestation” was a term just picking-up steam back in 2005 when I first launched ManifestLife.com – now defunct). In hindsight, in the ways that matter, I wasn’t!

Granted, often it does take new data and analytical-thinking to initiate openness to different perspectives. That, I think, is what our ‘Manifest Life’ and ‘Masters of The Secrets’ interviews back in the day did for thousands of people: open up dialogue about what is possible beyond the known.

Yet as the chiropractic neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza, made clear in pre-The Secret era:

[paraphrased] If we mostly stay in that sandbox — the one about mind-focused inquiry and “high talk” pontificating dialogue — we’ll never get close enough to the subconscious. That deeper, more powerful place where our ill-served habits and limiting behaviors are.

Spinning time-known visualization, self-talk, and self-awareness practices onto a “spiritual” platform all seems nice and hard to critique.

However, many students and seekers are now beginning to get past that mostly-ego-fueled effort.


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That is a curiosity I’ve had percolating on the front-burner for the past year. I’m seeing more and more ambitious, soul-searching folks go from trying to find their manifesting-powers with their limited 5 senses… to… going beyond their minds; even beyond their individual connection to Higher Self.

Over a decade ago, I didn’t have access to the kind of technology and testing we can mostly now do from a personal smart-phone. From setting intentional flow states to biohacking, creating a healthy, vibrant, enriched future is becoming easier!

I have a new mission now. Not my only one. But, it will be a renewed ‘research project’ for lack of a better description.

I will be sharing my NEW findings about all this with select readers who request it.

There are no plans at the moment to create a paid product (i.e., book, membership site, course, etc). Simply, instead, I’ll just pass along what I’m seeing the social-sphere do with the new collective understanding of creating our worlds; our day, our future.

Without a shadow of doubt, I can promise you this (‘cause I’m experiencing what I’m saying here):

Personal and professional growth CAN be increased by employing the techniques I talk about in The Manifesting Mindset (look-up version 1.0 via a Google search. You’ll find it) ; however, just using them, and them alone, is the equivalent of a sloth trying to climb a 100 foot tree. It’ll eventually get to the top. But, how long will it take?

If you want me to inform you about greater cutting-edge ways to manifest — i.e., to intentionally bring forth experiences, people and avenues into your existence without a lot of struggle and ‘5-senses effort’ — then click here to indicate your interest.

I’ll be passing along my commentary about why more and more people are beginning to achieve results for themselves easier than in the past.

There’s a quickening happening across the planet that is causing some ‘tapped into’ souls to get almost-next-day-level results.

I’ll be sharing some new tools being used to analyze and measure brainwaves. Resources that give you instant neurofeedback on where your “mind” really is when intentionally wishing for something. All kinds of cool, nifty insights into the quantum field.

Speaking of…

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Did you know it, the measurable quantum field, can’t hear or even sense you… until something happens within you. And, when it does end up connecting to you, it still doesn’t give a crap about what you want. But, it sure as sh*t DOES listen to WHO you are being.

Through a special select mailing list I’m building (request to be on it here), I’ll be sharing info about all that… and more. Frequency healing, psychedelic reprogramming, plant-human connectivity, heart coherence, molecular energy, etc, etc.

Whatever we, as an ever-expanding and interconnected human planet, have learned since 2004 – 2007, I’ll pass it your way.

We know a lot!

An incredible amount of power has been tapped into since that time frame in history.

So, again, you can look at this as my own exploration into the 2.0 version of Manifest Life. I’m not saying I’ll find everything you’ll be hoping for or expecting. But, I’ll at least try and surprise you every now and then. ;)

Simply click one of the links above f you want to stay informed on my progress.

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