The Science of Living Longer and Reversing Aging

Here’s the video trailer to MindValley’s new masterclass with Biohacking guru and all-around leading-edge health trainer, Ben Greenfield:

Vishen Lakhiani writes…

What you need to know about Ben Greenfield is that he is an absolute visionary. While there’s tons of articles on the web teaching you how to hack your body to be fitter or slimmer or more ripped…

…Ben is one of the few people who truly understands how to APPLY the science of longevity to live longer, live well, and look good doing it.

You see, this is not just about having “that slim, slender body” or “6-pack abs” for the upcoming summer (although this may be a welcome side-effect as well)…

…It’s about crafting a healthy, strong, robust, aesthetic, and fit body that will serve you a lifetime.

And in this Masterclass, Ben will teach you the same longevity practices, validated by science, that helped him shave 16 years off his biological age.

Best part is, these practices will only take you a 5-10 minutes a day to start seeing results.

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