The Best Coronavirus Resources I’ve Found

from David Perell, via his excellent Monday Musings weekly newsletter.
[It’s almost, okay just as… good as mine own, Weekend Whats]

Given the severity of the COVID-19 situation, I added an extra section to Monday Musings this week. The following links have best informed my perspective:

Click here for LIVE COUNT, by Country

For my own recent commentary (albeit, certainly a tad “raw” in perspective) on this pervasive topic — i.e., the “virus” and how your body responds through actionable effort on your part — read this:

Also here:

Now for the “official” resource links (for those who trust in these sources):

Main CDC (Center for Disease Control) Coronavirus Website 

CDC Recommendations on what to do if you are sick 

World Health organization Advice for the Public 

Harvard Coronavirus Resource Center 

US Department of Education Coronavirus Updates 

US Department of Labor Coronavirus Updates

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