A Day in The Life

These are a few examples of what I like to call ‘show ‘n tell’ FYI videos. They’re part of a small series we have housed within M4 Insider.

Basically, the Day In The Life series is a remote off-shoot addition to M4 Insider. They videos give an on-the-fly / unscripted ‘look over my shoulder’ views into the things I see on my screen.

@ M4’s MIND






Meet ‘n Greet Prompts

I often like to ask with all the “noise” out there in regards to pitches and requests to connect to  read or hear out a proposition, how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd?

Once way I’ve found to be very effective is to give a 10-minute or less voiced walk-thru of whatever it is you have in mind. A talk-as-you’re-thinking-about-somebody overview that personalizes who you are and what you can potentially do for that person.

Here are two examples of this in action. Each one leads into an invite for a no-pressure exploratory phone call — i.e., a casual meet ‘n greet.

For Rakhee Shah
Business Development



Result? Success. The above was in reply to her LinkedIN connection. Since May 2017, we have stayed in touch on a consistent basis, masterminding and networking.

For Raoul Pal
CEO, Real Vision Group



Result? Success. Raoul replied back saying that he digs the  esoteric investment products M4 offers, referring me to his Publisher John Newtson.

Misc Show ‘n Tell Commentary

Here’s a few opinion pieces tied either to lifestyle, personal growth or money, I’ve done:

Want an assist with your screencasts? — tips, tricks, tools, etc. If so, I’m here for ya…  Or, for a quality learn-on-your-own guide (including equipment recommendations), check out Shawn Hesketh’s How To Create Screencasts That Don’t Suck.

NOTE: The recording app I personally use is screencast-o-matic.

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