The Agenda – in 10 Minutes

NOTE: Watch this before YouTube takes it down. They have a team on staff, 24×7, combing their site for anything that doesn’t fit within their little box, or their master’s narrative.

Consider what you know to be true about the human body and science-backed health.

Watch the short video below with a discerning mind, consider what is / isn’t adding up via mainstream reporting. Then decide if you want to dive deeper into the notion that there is more to this planned-demic than meets the eye.

After taking the above into consideration: If you want more alternative (read: critical-thinking) reporting to help you peer behind the black curtain of this mess, here’s the playlist I started: COV-19: An X-File.

Your Plan B? On an somewhat related note, what is your escape route? What are you currently acting on, in a self-directed way, to be accountable for your future?

Do you have resources to protect yourself? How about other go-to cash-flow & income sources – especially those that are fun, simple, affordable… and actually work? If you’d like some guidance, feel free to message me.

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