Brilliant “Insensitive” Comedy

Barry’s Preface: When he’s not purposely extracting the peculiarities of corporate America and their inflated stock prices, my friend and mentor Tim Knight is a maestro at edifying the culture of the past, and finding how it applies to our world today.

In that regard I pass along a classic clip from an era when comedy was comedy, the world made sense and when, just because you offended someone, you didn’t have to worry about waking-up to apologize to the snowflakes for saying what you wanted.

So, without further ado, watch a black dude introduce a white dude that’s imitating a Chinese dude talking like a black dude. Brilliance here…

This funny clip is oddly chilling.

I remembered first watching it back in 1983 on my big new television that I had bought with my writing income (hey, as a teenager, consumer electronics purchases were a great pleasure!).

It featured the ingenious Richard Pryor and Robin Williams in a very informal appearance at The Comedy Store:

These two men are both gone now, of course, both having died before they even passed the traditional retirement age of 65. Pryor, who had contracted M.S., died of a heart attack, and Williams by his own hand, dangling from a door frame in his own house.

Watch the clip for the laughs (and the audience shots, since a lot of famous folks are there) but realize how unexpected and surprising the future always turns out to be.

This post first appeared on Slope of Hope, 9-16-20, under the title of A Not-So-Funny Future.

I highly recommend you dive into Tim’s site by creating an account, so you can check out his trading ideas, analysis tools, and high-quality reference materials.

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