Fortune Favors The Bold

I finally relegated myself to checking out the movie Founder (2016) starring Michael Keaton (as Ray Kroc).

I rarely can pause to watch anything; to be inert long enough to sit and watch; passively watch — to just idly watch autobiographical recounts, the replay of another’s life, on screen.

Yeah, I know, sounds like I’m envious of past success or something… but, nah, it’s more like I see life as short; I mostly lean toward my own activity.

Well okay, okay.. if there’s a docuseries that’s done right (with a value put on accuracy and fidelity in reporting) I might every now and then be willing to chill long enough to live vivaciously through a legend (say, like the silk-robed Casanova).

A friend of mine challenged me to watch Founder, not because he thought I needed the inspiration; only because he wanted to hear about my eye-rolling when I see how “leftist Hollywood” would portray Mr. Ray Kroc.

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