Mask vs No Mask – the battle of a lifetime (or not)

In response to my June 14th Sunday Sermon, where I even give the self-proclaimed “woke” community a verbal roasting, friend Rita Hartmann writes:

Barry, the fact that your rant has survived the censors for 3.5 days now is almost enough to resurrect my long buried belief in Divine Protection.

I printed it out and posted it on my (physical) wall to prove to others that intelligent life-force still exists on this Planet.

Have you considered making a YouTube satire about the Masks problem? Be well.

It’s an enticing prompt, as my ability to use ridicule and WTF observational vitriol sorta, if you haven’t noticed, comes natural to me.

Yet, it tends to take itself down a notch to just “facetious humor” when my beautiful, tomahawk-throwing girlfriend gets involved in any ‘Here’s Your Sign‘ discussion we have (yeah, yeah… she has that effect on me).

Which is why I’m passing along a ‘stand-in satire’ video, in honor of Rita, via Nichole (my gf):

On a more serious note, I pass along an excellent admonishment from my friend David King, of Healthy Wild & Free:

There are literally still people wearing masks. I’m baffled.

Talk about taking the blue pill. Come on folks.

People. Oxygen is “essential”

Remember the essential/non-essential debate the internet was having a few months back?

Oxygen is on the essential list.

Not only that, it’s literally the highest thing on the list..

It’s above…

1. Water
2. Food
3. Shelter
4. Even your freaking children… And spouse.

I know… I know.

You’re going to say “David, the media and a few medical nimwits said we had to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus. To flatten the curve on earth.”


Take your “Science told me so” hat off for a minute…

And put your “Common sense” hat on for a minute.

The body inhales oxygen.
The body exhales carbon dioxide.

The body maintains both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body at any given time. Both are essential.

However, the ratio of these is important.

We exhale carbon dioxide as a waste gas.

In other words, things that our body absorbs can be expelled (and need to be) through the lungs by exhaling.

So If you’re covering your face with a mask for hours at a time…

Restricting the flow of oxygen and creating a bubble of waste gas for you to breathe in.

What do you think is going to happen?

You’re going to feel:

1. Tired and sluggish more often
2. More likely to get headaches
3. Fatter and fatter (as fat loss occurs when you exhale, believe it or not)


If you don’t want to get fatter, sicker and die sooner…

BREATHE in that PURE Oxygen.

And then off your damn tv…

Use your brain…

Eh, If you can breathe and get oxygen to it.

You were born without a mask…

Into a room with bacteria and viruses EVERYWHERE.

You cannot sanitize these things away…

If you did your body would be so damn sterile that your immune system would be weak and pathetic.

Because it wouldn’t have viruses, germs and bacteria to PRACTICE ON.

Please stop being so damn sensitive to the way our world actually is.

Lastly… THINK for yourself.

Common sense trump’s bullshit “science” every day.

Use it.

Speaking of thinking for yourself, don’t forgot to crisis-proof yourself as well….

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