A Pregnant Male, or The Transgender Debate!

I am constantly amazed how woefully ignorant high-school and college students are about economics, history and biology.

transgender debate

On the latter front, on Tuesday this week, over 300 local high school students walked out in the middle of 5th period to protest the fact that the school board reinstated two teachers for voicing their opinions about local, state, and national matters of public concern regarding students’ gender identity.

In short, two female teachers “teach” the idea — err, go figure the biological fact — that there are two anatomical gender presentations: male and female.

Whoaaaa…. mind-blowing.

The transgender debate should be debate-less.

Still, this fact, this support of mammalian biology, has ruffled the feathers of over 300 students in a small community who, quite frankly, knows its kids need better things to focus on — say, for example, staying in class to learn about real solutions for real problems.

Unlike what The Borg — i.e., the spoon-fed media, university, big corporate / tech and university complex — wants the world to believe, the LGBTQ+ movement isn’t a big problem.

Sure, the hyperbole and social justice BS about it can get out of hand; yet reports show that only ~2% of the world claims they’re confused about their sexual-identity.

Speaking of…

These SJW students, who desire to jump on the bandwagon, keep disjoining gender and sex. They want them to be two completely polar opposite things; two unrelated mutually-exclusive concepts.

Meaning, this “movement” (damn, isn’t there one for everybody now?) advocates for a label on pure belief — i.e., if somebody has a sense of being male, female, or something else…

Well, by golly, ba-bam, they are!… irrespective of their biological status, as either male or female, assigned at birth (i.e, their Sex).

When that is challenged, as Ben Shapiro experienced during the Q&A portion of his Young American’s Foundation speech at Florida State University, they instantly resort to telling you to consult the dictionary, World Health Organization, and American Academy of Pediatrics websites if you need help understanding.

In other words, for a growing but still small sect of society, it’s not common sense, long-held values, logic of facts anymore…

It psychological theories, change-making conjecture (just for the pure hell of it) and claptrap commentary that makes the headlines.

When a particular female student brought up the fact that Ben’s take on the transgender debate is counter to all the A-B-C organizations she rattled off, he was still respectful, articulate and reasonable.

Here’s the clip worth watching and passing on:

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